Allmpus Laboratories: Formulating Standardized Products via Refined Manufacturing Process

The research-based pharmaceutical industry is entering an exciting new era in medicines development, all thanks to advances in science and technology. Research methods are evolving and we have many promising prospects on the horizon from the possibilities offered by personalized medicines, to the potential offered by harnessing the power of big data. The innovative pharmaceutical industry is driven by, and drives, medical progress. It aims to turn fundamental research into innovative treatments that are widely available and accessible to patients. The research-based pharmaceutical industry is a key asset, as it is driving medical progress by researching, developing, and bringing new medicines that improve health and quality of life for patients around the world.

Allmpus Laboratories, established in 2013 is a research-based pharmaceutical company providing flexible solutions through science and innovation. The firm manufactures and supplies impurity standards as per pharmacopeia, API-related compound, process impurity, metabolite that is acceptable to all regulatory agencies and used for ANDA filing/DMF filing and geotaxis study. Significantly, in concern with reference standard services provided to the pharmaceutical industry, Allmpus ranks third in India. Further, the firm is ISO 09001:2015 certified as well as honored with USAC (United States Accreditation Council) and GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) accolade.

Allmpus Laboratories manufactures and provides some of the rarest reference standards across the nation as well as overseas

Allmpus is continuously involved in the design, research, development with cost-effective synthesis, and finding-out new techniques of isolation and purification. The core strength of the firm lies in organic synthesis and analytical chemistry. Since its inception, the firm has synthesized more than 1000 molecules in a very brief time, its R&D center is well equipped for any kind of chemical synthesis and supported by a project planning team of Ph.D. experienced scientists and chemists. The firm manufactures some unique reference standards such as Tacrolimus, Erythromycin, Azithromycin, Clarithromycin and Macrolides products which are some of the most unique range of products provided by the firm across the nation as well as overseas. Significantly, Tacrolimus and Azithromycin are few impurity standards which are rare and not available all over the world. Allmpus is the first company in India to manufacture this rare standard.

One of the key aspects of the firm is to sustain a healthy relationship, build trust and maintain a transparent relation with the customers. The firm is available round the clock for the clients. If any issue arises, it ensures to go directly and arrange the demo as per their specification. Before proceeding with the work or selecting the project, it first it makes sure to understand the clients' requirements and subsequently plan accordingly. By the virtue of its quality work, the firm is working with leading companies and is in association with the clients from the incorporation itself. “Over the course of time, we have made a significant name in the market through our dedication, extensive product catalogs, top-notch quality, on-time delivery, technical support, and best price,” signifies Dr. Atish Rodge, Director, Allmpus Laboratories.

Dr. Atish adds, "Though India has very good drug manufacturing capabilities, it lags in drug discovery. India is good in generic, formulation, and other pharmaceutical domains, but when it comes to drug discovery, the country has not launched even a single drug. New drug discovery involves immense resources and large investments with a very less success rate. Currently, Allmpus is laying its emphasis on drug discovery and carrying-out studies to generate good and potential candidates for antiinflammatory diseases. The firm will be setting-up its new dedicated unit for drugs discovery in Amravati by next year, wherein it can carry-out complete activities for the same. And as the firm forges ahead, it is also keenly looking forward to expanding its workforce and business.