Redbridge International Academy: Sculpting Independent, Compassionate & Happy Individuals

Redbridge International Academy takes handson methods for learning, focusing on personal development by encouraging students to 'think outside the box'. These are better tools in helping students develop into well rounded adults who can carry themselves well in real life situations. The passion, commitment, and ambiance at Redbridge International Academy are in sync with this new form of learning.

Redbridge International Academy was established in 2013 with a vision to provide wholesome learning and not just gaining bookish knowledge. This can only be experienced and cannot be explained. The space, the ergonomically designed unique furniture, the well lit, ventilated classrooms, the spacious labs and co-curricular rooms, state of the art Audio visual teaching devices reiterate the commitment towards the students. The small class strength and the expansive campus layout are ideal for the post Covid requirements that other schools would be struggling to incorporate. School is spread over a sprawling 13 acre campus with lush flora and fauna. Redbridge has state-of-the-art infrastructure, a beautiful 13 acre school campus, a biodiversity park, a combination of wide open spaces, abstract designs on colorful walls, well ventilated classrooms with smart boards, and fully equipped science labs. The school has an academic block, library, robotics room, math lab, and computer labs available for all students right from primary to high school. The school offers co-education. Redbridge International is a residential school offering day boarding, weekly boarding, and full boarding facilities as per the students' requirements with ultra modern facilities.

Admission Process & Programs Offered
Redbridge International Academy offers the ICSE, ISC, IGCSE, and IBDP curri culums. The school curriculum up to Grade 8 is “integrated” which provides the students a combination of the ICSE and Cambridge curriculums. It enables students to make a better and informed choice when they enter the two year course for the board Exams of ICSE and IGCSE in Grade 9.

The IBDP curriculum in Redbridge, apart from offering the regular subjects, has expanded to provide subjects that aim to develop internationally minded individuals such as Design Technology, and Information Technology in a Global Society(ITGS). Design Technology focuses on analysis, design development, synthesis, and evaluation. It is offered in the science subject group. Information Technology in a Global Society(ITGS) examines individuals and societies. It uses an integrated approach, encouraging students to make informed judgments and decisions about the role of information and communication technologies in the contemporary world.

Fees Structure
Redbridge offers the state-of-the-art infrastructure and world class academics at the most affordable fee structure. Scholarships for sports, arts, creative arts, and academics are given to deserving students in respective categories each year.

Innovative Learning Methodologies
Besides being a technology driven academy, with digital solutions in most areas of operations, Redbridge International Academy has introduced several innovative programs to ensure that students excel and strengthen their language, speaking skills, and numerical ability right from pre primary to senior classes. It is integrated with the early school curriculum, and parents are also given support by the school, so as to enhance this skill in their children.

Mindspark is personalized learning software that allows children to effectively advance at their own pace during the course of their learning. It has been introduced for Grades 1 to 6 for Mathematics and Grades 4 and 5 for English. This program adapts itself to every student's individual learning level and progressively questions a student on a particular concept, providing feedback for their answers. Mangahigh Mathematics has been introduced for students of Grade 7 and 8.

Redbridge aims to provide truly international experience with students from over 11 countries, international curriculum + international faculty Hybrid (online+offline) curriculum delivery Holistic + integrated sports and co-curricular activities to help students become world leaders of tomorrow.