M2B Health: Promoting the Culture of Preventive Wellness

We live in a world where personal health and wellness have become a business continuity issue. While the world quickly learned to work together even through the darkest times, it is important to be aware of how critical things are for long term success. Businesses have become more thoughtful they think in various ways to understand their resources to see what they could do for the bottom line, thus proving that the corporates are open to redefining workplace wellness that helps in defining business success.

“At M2B Health, we actively work on redefining ‘wellness’ as not just being a state of physical, emotional, and mental well-being but also relate it to corporate wellness, engagement, and productivity,” quotes Prashant Katigar, Founder, M2B Health.

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) by M2B Health is most effective when they are combined with biometric screenings to gain a better overall picture of employee's health

M2B Health was founded in 2011 with the core mission of promoting the culture of preventive wellness across various organizations. The company has worked in various industries such as Corporates,Hotel Industry, Production & Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Education, Clinical Research, and CSR programs. M2B Health’s core specialties include healthcare, wellness plans, biometric screening, health risk assessment, corporate health fairs, engagement solutions, financial wellness, and webinar wellness activities. “The above things gave us a strong domain experience of implementing successful wellness programs which help us develop our organization,” says Prashanth.

Based out of Bangalore, M2B Health initially started providing employee health checkups & biometric screenings given the sale and slowly diversified into providing a complete end-to-end employee health benefits solution. “We can assist organizations not only to boost productivity, but also achieve substantial HR outcomes reducing Healthcare costs for employees. We also build a culture of Health & Happiness, with optimizing employee incentives & benefits wellness strategies in the workplace environment,” adds Prashant.

While companies are focusing on implementing a culture of wellness as an added benefit for employee well being, a wellcurated wellness program can help employees adopt and maintain healthy habits such as regular physical activity and healthy eating. It can also help them decrease bad health behaviors such as smoking and substance abuse. Doing so can help employees to reduce the risk of health problems and prevent chronic diseases.

While we discuss health screening for employees, the firm organizes activities including health screening for their employees. This activity can improve health. The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) by M2B Health is most effective when they are combined with biometric screenings to gain a better overall picture of employee's health. The HRA helps to identify key target areas for behavior intervention at the employee level, while also helping gauge population-wide needs at the employer level. With an HRA, each employee receives a personal, confidential report. The employers will receive an aggregated summary of group statistics and can use this summary of information to develop wellness pro¬gram goals for the company.

About organizing activities at the workplace Prashanth says, “When the healthy balance is a major priority in this pandemic, we are delivering programs through webinars. We educate the employees on how to manage both professional and personal life while working from home. We aim to educate all age groups across the country. Not just the employees, but their family members are also getting benefited. M2B Health’s webinar sessions include topics about nutrition and how to seek physiotherapists and a governance program and giving some tips about funding and engagement programs. So, this helped the employees to grow mentally fit and can easily manage their time and lifestyle”.

The best is yet to come, i.e., the operational capabilities with pan-India Reach & Accessibility Network of Health & Wellness Experts. Behavior change doesn't happen overnight, but there are specific, proven ways of engaging employees and getting them on the right track to wellness. M2B Health is always open to creating a positive image and a great workplace culture, a culture of health.