RS Agroavatar: The Future of Agro Innovation

India, the world’s second most populous country, is evolving each day with something new. Also, the skyrocketing increase in industrialization and urbanization has put several arable lands at risk. As the world’s population continues to grow, innovators are searching for new ways to feed everyone while minimizing the impact on land and water resources. Vertical farming is a perfect example of a solution that is used across the globe. Food crops can be conveniently farmed in urban areas using vertical farming, which involves planting vertically stacked layers to save space and utilize minimal energy & water for irrigation. Vertical farming is still in its infancy in India, but a few entrepreneurs and agritech enterprises aim to revolutionize the field. Seeing the alluring opportunities in the Indian market, RS Agroavatar made its debut in 2019. The Nagpur based company is leveraging its experience in delivering end-to-end vertical farming services.

Vertical farming and gardening are the finest solutions for houses in India if we want to get the most benefits from a limited area

RS Agroavatar is standing-out in the race by adopting the green revolution technology. The company’s proven mettle lies in offering trading horticulture farm development, agrotruism development, vertical garden, and landscaping garden. What differentiates RS Agroavatar from others in the competition is its unique way of delivering ground-level services to meet the specific requirements of its valuable clients. The company tries to focus on the problem-solving of its clients. Its forte also lies in converting chemical vegetables into organic farming. During this pandemic, RS Agroavatar is putting its best foot forward to provide organic farming at its clients’ homes that include 1-2 acres of units, farming inside ploy houses, greenhouses, and more. The company grows five lakh horticulture plants every year, including exotic fruits, flowers, ornamental medicinal plants, and many more. Through such plantings, it also strives to improve oxygen production and reduce pollution.

Sandip Meshram, the company’s CEO, says, “We are currently working in agriculture and horticulture, with the vertical garden taking precedence. We are engaged in tribal farming and are attempting to convert it to urban farming. Vertical farming and gardening are the finest solutions for houses in India if we want to get the most benefits from a limited area”. RS Agroavatar vests its focus on offering on-farm development services. So far, the company has successfully developed horticulture gardening and orchid farms in approximately 2000 acres in rural areas. With a current focus on vertical gardens and landscaping with agrotruism, RS Agroavatar has cultivated food products that include cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, spinach, and coriander. The company creates agrotruism models similar to village farms that include landscaping, horticulture museums, agriculture museums, adventurous water parks, residential accommodations with restaurants, and water boating. “We have our retail outlet, and we are soon entering e-Commerce as well. We are engaging and getting our orders from clients through social media platforms that include YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter,” Sandip adds.

Road Map Ahead!
Housing a dedicated team of horticulturists, RS Agroavatar has offices across Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. The journey of the company so far has been incredible with an annual turnover of Rs.20 crores. RS Agroavatar envisions becoming one of the leading companies in agriculture consultancy, horticulture consultancy, and vertical gardening in India. The company also plans to add the export of fruits to its service portfolio in the coming days.