Cadcord Technologies: Providing Services from Product Concept to Production

Every industry caters for the market through two verticals products and services. As far as the product is concerned, the company's credibility stands upon the authenticity of the product. The product development and design are all that the customer essentially considers conducting detailed analysis and comparison. Catering to the industry requirements, the providers dedicate their efforts to solidifying their products offerings for the clients. Cadcord Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one such company that provides product design and development to its clients. Cadcord is the coordination between Product idea to Product manufacturing, "CAD Cord".

It was started in the year 2018 with a lean team consisting of a couple of engineers and some small scale design support projects and plans to become one of the trendsetters' companies in the field of design and manufacturing of self service KIOSK, Hospitality KIOSK, Retail fuel Dispensers and so on. Headed by Parth Ugale who is also part of many development ventures.

Cadcord dedicates itself towards providing the best quality services with aiming faster solutions to the client

A Wide Spectrum of Services Under the Same Platter
The services that the company offers under its spectrum are Design and drafting support to the manufacturing industry, Product development and certifications, Assembly line setup and documentation support, Portfolio building and manual writing, Sup-port for website images and branding, Technical product evaluation and enhancement, KIOSK development for selfservice, Banks and Hospitality industry, Manufacturing process time evaluation, Quality assessment and QMS implementation support, Industrial Training for corporates and Newcomers. This wide platter of services offered by the company is one of the reasons that the clients choose Cadcord over its contemporaries for design and support.

Cadcord works hand in hand with emerging startups for product development at their end. It caters to development support for industries like Electric Vehicle infrastructure to Electric Vehicle Design, Retail fuel Dispensers, Flame Proof Product Development, support for documentation activity for certifications like ATEX, UL, ISO and OIML. The company follows necessary international quality standards for product design and development.

The Fighter Spirit of the Team Keeps It Motivated
Cadcord works as a team, boosting energy and dedicating itself to finding innovative solutions for problems. In a developing country like India, product development is a challenging task.

There are many highs and lows during the process. The team at the company willingly takes up the challenges. The team works with a fighter spirit in taking the company to new heights.

Usually, the design service industry is bounded by CAD design and drafting services involving different types of software usage. Though, as far as the actual scenario is concerned, this is just a small tip of the iceberg. The actual activities associated with the design process are product development standards, product testing, and validation ease of manufacturing & quality assessment by CTQ's. Team Cadcord adheres to all of these.

Aiming Fast Track Solutions Catering Enhanced Opportunities
At present, Cadcord has efficiently developed 200+ products, combining a different set of processes like Sheet metal, Plastic, Casting, PDCGDC, Machining, and many more. Cadcord is in the development process and the journey has always been exciting. The Company's vision started 10 years back when the team worked as Trainee engineers for a fuel dispenser manufacturer. Today, it has designed and developed India’s only dispenser with fully Made in India hydraulics. The company believes that success is always measured by achieve ments and Cadcord is focused on the same.