Engineering Technique: Delivering 360 - Degree Prototyping Solutions From Ideation to Manufacturing

When it comes to crafting a new model or designing a new product from scratch, Rapid Prototyping (a group of 3D Printing techniques) is the fastest way of breathing life into ideas and tangible thoughts. Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing is the future of manufacturing as it perfectly fits with the emerging technologies of Industry 4.0 and brings in additional benefits of cost effective solutions & light weight products into the table. Businesses will be bound to switch over to additive manufacturing in the future due to its unavoidable growth trajectory. In addition, additive manufacturing is much faster than any subtractive manufacturing process, and the technology also opens the doors towards mass customization.

The company's thorough understanding of the 3D Printing landscape makes Engineering Technique one of the most trusted Rapid Prototyping players in the Indian market

Vadodara headquartered Engineering Technique is one of India's oldest & most reliable 3D Printing technology solution providers that offers a complete range of 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping & 3D Simulation solutions & 3D Modeling, and product designing services under one roof. Established in 1978, Engineering Technique was primarily engaged in the manufacturing of Resistance Welding Machines. Since then, the company added the verticals of 3D CAD Software & 3D Designing into its portfolio in 2000, and about six years ago, added Rapid Prototyping into its ever expanding basket of services. Today, Engineering Technique enjoys a pan India presence and a massive global clientele that includes 1000 plus customers in design and manufacturing alone.

That's not all! Engineering Technique also represents German giants EnvisionTec and recently distributed advanced Bio-Plotter that 3D prints human tissues and organs. On the other hand, Engineering Technique is also involved in manufacturing of homemade FDM 3D Printing machines. The company's thorough understanding of the 3D Printing landscape makes Engineering Technique one of the most trusted Rapid Prototyping players in the Indian market. Over the years, the company has left no territory of industrial sector uncharted. Engineering Technique has served companies making Surveillance and CCTV cameras, Door Access Systems to companies involved in the Facial Recognition technology. Engineering Technique is also heavily involved in assisting companies that produce bio compatible implants and medical equipment to support trauma patients. In this current competitive market scenario, businesses are constantly involved in redesigning their products, make it lighter and much more cost-effective. And, Engineering Technique is an ideal partner for all such product customization needs.

It's About Staying Ahead of the Curve
The future belongs to those companies that are in a constant process of innovation, reinvention, and expansion. Today, most of the businesses in India are outsourcing their 3D Printing work. However, during a recent conversation with Ravindra Kulkarni, the MD of Engineering Technique, he pointed out that soon businesses will seek 3D Printing technology in house. Engineering Technique is already rising up to the eventuality by manufacturing its range of FDM 3D Printing machines.

Another gap that Engineering Technique is trying to fill is the dearth of trained workforce who have expertise in the 3D Printing Technology domain. Soon the company will be introducing a worldwide certified course to develop a certified work force who understands this technology, and can use the machines effectively for Additive manufacturing and 3D printing.