Being Humane is the New Identity of a Company

2020 has created a history when it comes to technology adoption. While companies understood that they need to have a digital presence and adopt more technology solutions for better serving client, their pace of adoption still remained snail-pace. However, pandemic just intensified it multiple times. Companies who were just scripting digital plans on their scrapbook have already gone digital and reaping the benefits. While earlier they were just local shops serving a few number of clients, today as a digital organization, they are serving clients across the borders. On the other hand, the pandemic has also changed the way we perceive working and our personal lives too.

While safety with social distancing is the only resort till now from the deadly coronavirus, companies and the government have extended work from home. This means several employees will continue to work remotely and will need their organization's support to keep a balance between work and life, while continue upgrading their skills to be relevant. Companies who invested in their employees in such turbulent times and continued innovation and research work will keep thriving. Their sustainability is unquestionable.

On the other hand, customers have become more cautious about what they buy, from where they buy and how they buy. Hygiene and immunity have been the two buzz words among customers and so with the companies in all their promotional activities. But are these words just jargons for the companies to sell their products? Those who think so will sink with time, and those who have inculcated it in their DNA for now and forever will thrive. Also, companies who have contributed towards social cause in the time of pandemic has created another level of reputation among their existing and target customers. Indeed, many of them have won new customers from their rivals, just because they thought beyond just making profit ­ being humane.

In our annual edition of siliconindia Magazine titled `Company of the Year ­ 2020', we bring to you the story of few such companies who have gone far and beyond doing just the normal to serve their customers with their exceptional offerings and services. Their commitment to have a positive mark in the industry and in the hearts of their customers are a thing to note. We also speak about how their offerings are unique among the competition and what plans have they scripted for the future. We at siliconindia congratulate them and wish them best of luck for their future.

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