Challenging the Status Quo, Now & Every Time

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWhat a perfect time to kick start your own company in India, but equally, what a time to grow your existing company in the country! With the government opening the doors for foreign investment, and the country improving its innovation ranking, there are many ideas that will flow freely to serve the globe. But then it is a challenge for every organization to gear up and get dressed to address the Industrial Revolution 4.0, while leveraging digital as the baseline to grow its presence.

Technology is changing at jet speed, and will keep changing with the similar speed. Though the plinth is set, the onus now lies on the organizations to see how fast and intellectually they adapt while deliver solutions/services/products to their customers. A number of Indian unicorns were acquired by global giants, while many have received
funding from global investors but then there are many companies who are growing organically and serving global clients. They bet on their innovation, offerings, internal culture, brand values, and vision, that drive every individual towards creating value for customers, thus leading to ultimate client satisfaction.

While working on our current edition of siliconindia ‘Company of the Year – 2019’, we spoke to several hundreds of companies from across the verticals and industries. What was the common line passing through them all was their desire to serve products/ services/solutions that will address clients’current challenges while prepare them for the future ones. Customization ranked the chart and personalization in every approach became the key factor for customer satisfaction and positive experience building. But then constant innovation and research were the underlying metrics that were driving these organizations.

Hence it was quite a task for us to select these featured companies among the hundreds we interviewed. But as siliconindia is devoted towards awarding the best in the field, our Editorial board along with other panellists spent a considerable amount of time reading,researching and understanding their business, vision, mission, values, clients, recognitions and their future road map along with their corporate culture. Post eight months and several rounds of selection process, we have selected the few. Congratulations to all featured companies!!!
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