Evolution Of Digital Experiences With Web 3.0

In the last two decades, data and content have been centralized by some of the tech giants and control almost every experience on the internet. The recent shifts toward, the ideation of web 3.0 has the potential for changing the way of interaction because of the decentralized characteristics.

The third iteration of the internet is Web 3.0 which implements blockchain technology for providing the internet through decentralized networks. Web 3.0 also includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the semantic web for delivering a faster and more personalized user experience. The Web 3.0 revolution focuses on collective ownership, personalization improvement, and content sharing.

In cumulation, the content arriving from businesses and institutions was driving Web 1.0. The second phase which is Web 2.0 helps users for uploading and share their content on the website themselves. Involving the third phase of the internet or renowned as web3, websites and online applications, users will be able to receive information available on the internet for providing new information and data to the users.

Usefulness includes the Decentralization of Web 2.0 of the internet stores data in centralized locations, while Web 3.0 will replace centralized social networks with decentralized applications, allowing individuals for maintaining ownership of data.

Web 3.0 requires no trust or permission allowing users for interacting directly without going through a trusted intermediary.

Web 3.0 can remain present everywhere simultaneously and is not limited to smartphones and computers as most of the applicable is the Internet of Things. The semantic Web is a foremost part of Web 3.0 and focuses on the improvement of web technologies for the generation, sharing, and connection of content through analysis based on the ability to understand the meaning of words.

Web 3 is a creator of a blurred line between the digital and the physical world with the implementation of graphics technology.