The Face Off Of Work Culture

This pandemic has changed the work culture forever! And the companies have to adjust accordingly without any doubt. The world is trying to adjust with this new culture where majority of the employees will continue to work from home. This means the work policies will have to be flexible and some even rephrased. Dealing with such times is a lesson to be learnt, and ensuring that work isn't hampered while employees remain motivated is indeed a tough nut to crack for the corporates.

Reducing operational expenditure is already on cards of many firms; some firms have even cut their employee strength, few startups have left their office premises and shifted to either co-working space or have started working from home. It's time to wait and watch the new work culture that will prevail in the coming days. However, despite such desperate measures, companies will have to continue motivating their workforce through all means, akin to benefits, remuneration, continuous learning and development of employees and much more.

Bringing you the stories of such few companies who provide the most effective breeding ground for their employees to grow and flourish both personally and professionally is our current issue - 'Best Companies to Work For - 2020'. We had been researching on various company work cultures from across the industries to find the most fertile ones, and here we bring to you some of the best companies which every employee will dream to work for. Read to know more about them.

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