To Grow with Employees, is Success

The key to a successful organization is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs that are supported by strategy and structure. When an organization has a strong culture, three things happen – Employees know how top management wants them to respond to any situation, employees believe that the expected response is the proper one, and employees know that they will be rewarded for demonstrating the organization’s values.

Employers have a vital role in perpetuating a strong culture, starting with recruiting and selecting applicants who will share the organization’s beliefs and thrive in that culture, developing orientation, training & performance management programs that outline & reinforce the organization’s core values and ensuring that appropriate rewards & recognition go to employees who truly embody the values. Mergers and acquisitions are fraught with culture issues. Even organizational cultures that have worked well may develop into a dysfunctional culture after a merger. At the same time, the quality of well-being that employees of a specific company enjoy is a reliable measure of the health of that company as a whole. Happy employees stay.

Tech companies have done more than bring the latest and greatest innovations & inventions to our lives. Such companies have influenced how workplaces are run, because of factors such as work-life balance, flexibility and embracing cultural diversity. Year after year, Google wins international awards, citing its excellent corporate culture. By using its own analytics, Google discovered the correlation between certain amazing perks and higher productivity. From offering massages to having an amazing cafeteria to opening-up schedules for maximum flexibility, Google has realized that employee welfare is the way to get and stay ahead of its competitors.

It is obvious that employee welfare stands as the single most effective way to drive an organization to success. After all, if your employee doesn’t share your enthusiasm to succeed, the business is on its own.

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