21K School: Bringing World Class Schooling To Your Home

Santosh Kumar,Co-Founder & CEO

Santosh Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO

In the twenty first century, the value of an all round education, in which each individual's and his/her talent comes first, becomes very essential. Today, education system needs to adapt to a new paradigm of learning, wherein `Online' is slowly making its headway to mainstream. This is an experience unparalled to any other and has the potential to quadruple the quality of education.

21K School is a new-age global K-12 School catering to over 3000 students from 400 cities across India and 23 countries outside India representing 17 nationalities. The School was founded by Santosh Kumar, Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, Dinesh Kumar and Joshi Kumar in 2020. Its noteworthy to mention here that visionary entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala has recently invested $ 5 Million in 21K School in its pre-series A round. The company aims to deploy the funds raised to augment its outreach to students in India and abroad, and strengthen its learning platform for data-driven instruction across all curriculums.

Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, an Education Management professional with experience of over 2 decades in the education sector, had been actively assisting clients setup schools, colleges and universities across India. In one of his client ventures setting up a school in Tamil Nadu's Sholinganallur, Yeshwanth met Santosh Kumar. The two shared a vision to reform the education sector in India. Both, Yeshwanth and Santosh, came to terms with the existing challenges pertaining to quality of faculty and maintaining the academic standards. Santosh had just returned from Dubai and was aware of the standards to be met in India with respect to education. Santosh had been disrupting technologies to discover its new fangled possibilities, especially to make education accessible, affordable and beyond geographical barriers. The duo realized `Online' model for schools is the way forward, given its popularity and acceptance across the globe. After several sessions of brainstorming Santosh, Yeshwanth, Joshi and Dinesh decided to take it ahead and start an Online school, calling it 21K School. Though this was in 2019, and online schools was still hesitantly accepted, the pandemic helped people realize the need and necessity of an Online school. This was Santosh and Yeshwanth's window of opportunity and the official launch of 21K School in June 2020.

From 300 students to 3000 students today, 21K Schools has been offering exceptional learning experience across 400 cities in India and 23 other countries. Sharing his thoughts on Online Learning as a welcome option in India, Yeshwanth says,"Though the second largest market for education, India's online learning is still in its nascent phase. There are a lot of parameters that this new form of learning can address. Personalized & flexible learning for students from tier 2 and small cities wherein the availability of good quality teachers is difficult, mobility for parents frequently moving between cities, safeguarding delicate aged children from bullying or corporal punishments etc. Even students with physical disability find solace in Online Learning programs. Besides, parents are more aware of the significance of right quality schooling, given the 16 years of time period that their children will spend learning. Added to it the skyrocketing fees of traditional schools pose a challenge for parents with fair or moderate income. Again, online schooling with its comfortable fee modules and uncompromising quality education becomes a preferred choice for parents. So I feel Online Education has immense potential in India".

Technology Driven Approach
By virtue of technology, 21K Schools has been brining a lot of transparency & data driven approach. Leveraging on data, teachers are able to assess students on a realtime basis. This also helps students and parents to stay abreast with the progress, rather than waiting for the term assessments to get over and wait for the progress report. 21K Schools, though online, has maintained the essence of a traditional schools with morning assemblies, PTM, House systems, regular tests & term exams, festival celebrations, and participations in various competitions. The delivery model via laptops & tablets are the only difference. In fact, with tech in the picture, there is a whole lot that is possible including easier access to classes, communication with teachers directly, access to child's performance report & data, and instant PTM at the click of a button, etc. Most importantly, the live sessions are recorded which allows the parents to check the quality of teaching their child is being given.

21K School is a transparent, accessible, energetic and forward looking school. Such attributes imply that the School emphasizes twenty first century skills with creativity and confidence as its strengths. The core focus remains on content knowledge, that needs to be complemented with the necessary development of critical skills (problem solving, creativity, communication, collaboration)and universal human values (empathy, positivity, equanimity and the ethic of excellence). 21K School believes in transformative power of education.

A Bottom To Top Approach To Curriculum And Learning Scenarios
The environment of learning at 21K aims at developing intellectually curious, independent minded young adults, who can connect knowledge to the outside of school and ensure a shift from rote learning methods to an enriching curriculum. The assessments system is very unique and made to be enjoyable for the child. Essentially, the learning culture focuses on how students can connect learning with real world appli cations assisted by assessments to check the performance and learning by skill based assessments. This approach will help
improving problem solving skills and make a community of creative thinkers.

At the same time, as Exceptional Curriculum is involved in Mastery based approach, peer collaborations, Engaging Content, Life skills and application along with Interactivity. This will lead to a deeper learning through its application in solving reallife issues, if required, to generate the content knowledge.

Santosh Kumar, adds,"At 21K School, every student is free to learn and grow at his/her own pace, to meet the overall academic goals. To meet these requirements, a data driven assessment is prepared so that each and every student is paid attention to, keeping aside the geographical barriers. Our goal is to build happiest classrooms online"

Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, Co-founder & COO
21K Intends to build a culture of openness and genuine caring that enables children to discover and celebrate the joy of learning. In order to achieve this, the teachers are specially trained to master the art of online teaching. They are skilled in understanding every student and act as mentors who support the student at each step for overall growth by focusing on Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Character Building.Most importantly, 21K School envisions to facilitate a world class quality education to each and every child. The well trained faculty and management work each day towards this vision, where every child in India is living his/her dreams without inhibitions, making global standards of education affordable.

Insight Into An Exceptional Curriculum
As for the curriculum, it is created with a strong foundation for the future of children. 21K School follows the National Curriculum Frame work (NCF) of India and Pearson Edexcel for British Curriculum. 21K School, having partnered with Stride, Inc. USA also offers the American Curriculum. The students in India can adhere to both, Stride's Curriculum, and Curriculum specifically from The Keystone School, USA. There are some beyond syllabus activities like Local and global Partnerships, workshops by industry experts Capstone courses and electives, developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Indian Curriculum is divided into Pre Primary, Primary and Middle School. The students between 3 to 6 years of age can take admission in nursery, KG1 (LKG) orKG2 (UKG). Primary School is made for age group of 6 to 11 years of children, the challenging and creative curriculum design makes the student ratio 1:18 in primary school. The Middle School is meant for students aged between 11-14 years of age, grade 6 to 8. The curriculum here focuses on experiential learning and developing social skills to enhance creative thinking.

The School additionally offers a Summer School Program at end of the academic year, at no additional cost. The Summer School Program is a unique offering to all 21K School Students from Grade1 onwards. It also offers Phonic programs for Kindergarten students and Computational Thinking for Primary students. It also includes activities like Yoga, Photography, Poetry, Drama and theatre, Public Speaking, Robotics, Dance, Culinary Skills, Gardening, Pottery etc while the Skill Based Program gives the student a jump start on their career or higher education plans. It works to enhance the skills of the students from Public Speaking to Creative Writing, Literature to Math, Environment Science to Economics and Fine arts to nutrition and wellness.

Learning Management System
The learning platform at 21K School includes a personalised learning space with free digital facilities like Digital library, Virtual Lab, Coding Platform, access to eContent and repository of rich learning materials. The LMS also has School calendar, section for messaging between teachers and students, get and submit homework in easy steps and a comprehensive section for assessment and result analysis. Evidently so, 21K School is best suited for advanced or gifted children who want to excel or learn deeper. It is a structured learning platform where Children who do not have access to good schools with good teachers because of economic reasons can gain the benefit. Also, children unable to take classes in schools because of professional training in music, arts,sports, etc. have the advantage to learn online. Several other reasons like medical treatments, parents in transferable jobs or parents concern over hygiene and safety of their children can apply for online classes.

21K School is a great transformative platform with appropriate content knowledge powered by essential required critical skills aiming to achieve a forward looking school for young generation. 21K School is on a mission to provide the best quality learning space along with education for the students bringing them nearer to their chances for a brighter future and making their parents proud. Given the exponential adoption of online learning across the student community, 21K School is well poised to grow manifold. There are approximately 18 million Indian working outside India in short term projects. Education outside is quite expensive, and at the same time education for their children is just as important. 21K Schools is working towards offering affordable quality education to such parents' children, thereby bringing the true inclusion in literacy world over.

Santosh Kumar, Founder
An alumnus of highly coveted IIT Delhi, Santosh is disrupting techno logies to discover its new fangled possibilities, especially to make education accessible, affordable and beyond geographical barriers. This happened after he saw his fellow batchmates in IIT could not make it to good companies because of the lack of exposure, as they came from small towns even though they were way smarter than him. He decided a change needs to come with a paradigm shift and he has been orchestra ting it. His first venture in education is 21K School, India's first online school with coveted international affiliations. With 21K School, he wants to create a culture of innovation for teachers to teach innovation and creativity to future generations.

Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal, Founder
Being an Education Management professional with experience of over 2 decades in the education sector, Yeshwanth realizes the needs and pain points of the students and is here to make first rate education available for everybody, irrespective of their social stratification or geographical location. Since the inception of his career, he has delved into educational projects with solid expertise in strategic planning, systems development, culture and value mapping, change management, brand building, marketing, people management, resource management and cost optimization. Yeshwanth has incessantly been a visionary and in June 2020, he co-founded 21K School.With 21K School, Yeshwanth's vision is to encourage and provide the new generation of learners with the first rate learning tools for a well rounded, meaningful and joyful education.

How to Apply?
1.Apply Online along with enrolment fee
2.If required a video interaction will be conducted with the child.
3.Student applying for Grade 6-8 will have to take an online placement test.
4.On confirmation pay school fees, and learning kit charges as per your preferred plan.
5.Set up the system and log in to the 21k Learning Platform
6.Get delivery of the learning kit at your home address
7.Get Started and happy learning