• VINODH Chelambathodi: a New - Age Leader Insipiring the Futuristic Minds
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    VINODH Chelambathodi: a New - Age Leader Insipiring the Futuristic Minds

    We would probably be the last generation before non-biological intelligence makes it to the driver seat over and above the biological intelligence. The aggressive personality and hard-driving skill-set that engendered so many leaders inyester years, won’t keep working any more. With rising dynamics of business and changing temperaments of individuals, experience (in other words, the conditioning undergone) perhaps is one of the reasons why people render medio crepredictions of the future - perceiving only linear thinking and linear goals ahead. Alongside new-age leadership skillset, ‘unlearning’ his 25 years of conditioning has been the diamond sword for Vinodh Chelambathodi to take background verification industry to a whole new level through his startup venture, Bactrak Pte...


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