• Breaking the Shackles
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    Breaking the Shackles

    In 2017, a Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Hyderabad themed ‘Women first Prosperity for All’ triggered among companies the realization of tackling the under representation of women among the Indian workforce. Underpinning the significance of the theme, participants awoke to reality that majority of the companies in the country still over looked the fact that Indian women held dual responsibilities of home and work, impassively exposing them to unpleasant working conditions and most of all remaining indifferent towards their safety and corporate growth. Despite the majority lagging behind, many others are revolutionizing policies and outlooks towards their female employees, thereby placing these companies on a pedestal when compared to others.


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Ernest Louis, Director - Human Resources, Sterlite Power

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Yasmeen Shaikh, Senior Director, Human Resources India, Nextgen Healthcare

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Ranjit Singh, VP - HR, Eupheus Learning

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Anupam Dasgupta, VP - Strategy, Graymatter Software Services

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Sanjukta Sarkar, Director - HR, United Technologies

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Harold Gubnitsky, President & Chief Strategy Officer, Processmap