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  • Brand of the Year -­ 2019

    Every day, we receive plenty of mails & SMS from new or existing brands attempting to keep us updated with their latest development. But it's difficult for brands to stand out amongst everything in this consumer-centric ecosystem. The best brand survives on a strong idea. Today, a lot of effort and thought is invested to develop a brand where everything from logo, name and motto to tagline of brands are equally important in its success. A well-defined brand acts more than just a sign; it's a way to boost recognition. In the present scenario, customers buy the brand not the product wherein they select the product of the brand they are most familiar with or which successfully grasp their attention through its communication. And if consumers like the product, they become...

Brand of the Year -­ 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Category
Kitchen Studio Kitchen Studio Sandeep G. Ailsinghani, Founder Kitchen Interior
Orbit Electrodomestics Orbit Electrodomestics Rajeev Shukla, Founder and MD Brand Of the Year
 TAGG TAGG Rohit Dhingra, Amitesh Bharadwaj & Saurav Prakash, Founders Brand of the Year: Mobile Accessories Manufacturers
Zebronics Zebronics By Rajesh Doshi, Director Speakers