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  • Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs of the Year – 2017

    The world has recently been discussing gender roles and stereotypes with greater enthusiasm as an internal memo at Google written by an employee was found to be “perpetuating gender stereotypes”. Columns in newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide were filled up with observations, opinions and scholarly material discussing the issue, while back and forth exchanges in the cyberspace against and in favor of the memo hasn’t quite died out yet. Interestingly, India is witnessing a paradigm shift with women performing as propitiously as men, if not better in some places, in the entrepreneurship arena. Women in India, in most cases supported by strong educational backgrounds, have ventured into almost all the domains previously monopolized by men and continue to reduce...

Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs of the Year – 2017

Consulting Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Geeta Lachireddy Geeta Lachireddy Co-Founder With expertise in customer relationship management and team management, Geeta has been leading Ascent HR for 15 years
Harinie Sekaran Harinie Sekaran CEO With considerable experience in business consulting for Indian and foreign companies, Harinie has founded Leadle Consulting which is a multi-dimensional sales consulting enterprise
Koyalgeet Kaur Koyalgeet Kaur CEO With a vast experience of more than 20 years, Koyalgeet Kaur has served multiple positions and is a well recognised direct-selling expert Globally and in India
Rumi Sikdar Rumi Sikdar Founder Working for the past 11 years in corporate and development sector, Rumi has skills in training and business strategy which aids in her journey as a social entrepreneur
Suman Nair Suman Nair Managing Director As a strategist and seeker, Suman has contributed to business development, talent management and leadership emergence in various organizations

HR Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Geetu Chakraborty Geetu Chakraborty Founder & Managing Director Geetu has been associated with numerous companies in strategic and managerial positions before founding The Big Y Enablers
Jayanthi Jayanthi Chairperson A Post Graduate in Commerce and a Gold Medalist in Civil Services, Jayanthi has over 25 years of rich and varied experience in Banking and Financial Services and Internet Services
Kashmira Sethna Kashmira Sethna Managing Director With more than a decade of experience into handling search assignments, building businesses in new markets, handling teams, and business development, Kashmira leads the search team at Thought bridge
Nirupama V.G. Nirupama V.G. Founder & Managing Director A MBA in HR from NIPM, Nirupama has over 25 years of experience in HR, Business Development and Recruitment Consulting, and was on the Executive Council of Executive Recruiters Association
NiyatiRokani NiyatiRokani Co-Founder Skillled in recruiting, talent acquisition and sourcing, Niyati has founded Beyond Sourcing in 2014 which is a search consultant specialised in passive candidate search

Marketing Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Karon Shaiva Karon Shaiva Chief Impact Officer & Managing Director With skills in strategic planning and business development, Karon takes leadership roles in two companies, and enjoys writing, speaking, mentoring, training and operationalising ideas
Garima Juneja Garima Juneja Co-Founder Garima is a B.Tech Graduate from I.P. University and driven by undying passion for writing & marketing, she is the business development strategy head at viralcurry
Rooparani Y Rooparani Y Co-Founder & Director With skills in e-Commerce, Web design and graphic design , Rooparani has lead Designtheme for more than a decade, which is a branding and creative design firm
Tanaaz M Bhatia Tanaaz M Bhatia Founder & MD A premier media and marketing firm for luxury brands, film marketing and brand strategies
Zeba Zaidi Adeeb Zeba Zaidi Adeeb Managing Partner With skills in business development and management, Zeba has worked in sales and managerial roles in different companies before leading a premier amateur sports events management company

Healthcare Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Dr.Jugnu Jain Dr.Jugnu Jain Co-Founder & CEO Dr. Jugnu Jain is a molecular geneticist and cell biologist by training who has co-founded Sapien biosciences in 2011
Dr. Mamta Jain Dr. Mamta Jain HR Having over a decade of experience in the Healthcare industry, Mamta has been involved in training programs for paramedics, nurses and MRs, and Initiated various Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs)
Jyotsna Pattabiraman Jyotsna Pattabiraman Founder & CEO Jyotsna is skilled in strategic partnerships, product management and business strategy, and has occupied leadership roles in different companies before founding Grow Fit
Nidhi Jain Nidhi Jain Founder & Director Having pursued B.E in Computer science from IIT, Roorkee, Nidhi has worked as software engineer and product manager in different companies in India and abroad before founding KareXpert in 2014
Parul Oza Parul Oza ‎Managing Director Parul is a chemical engineer with an MBA, having more than 29 years of work experience in various pharmatech companies

L & D Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Enma Popli Enma Popli Founder Equipped with over two decades of experience in versatile leadership roles across the globe and creating skillful leaders
Priya Priya Chief Revenue Officer Strategic sales practitioner with over 20 years of experience in recruiting & managing teams, sales & business consulting, and competency mapping
Sadhana Somasekhar Sadhana Somasekhar MD & CEO Optimistic entrepreneur with over 28 years of corporate management experience, focused on building leaderships and team performances
Aditi Avasti Aditi Avasti CEO Aditi is a B - School alumnus from The University of the Chicago Booth School of Business, who fixates her Education portal drive on new business, mobile education & gamification
Sonali Sinha Sonali Sinha Founder & CEO Passionate, award winning visionary, focused on building skillful individuals utilizing over two decades of experience

Technology Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar Ayyamma Prakash Gudnavar Founder & CEO Technology savvy entrepreneur, working closely with implementation partners, with years of experience working for big guns
Payeli Ghosh, Payeli Ghosh, Founder & Partner A well known engineer cum management professional responsible for successfully building & leading engineering teams, with over 18 years of experience
Priyamvada Bavadekar Priyamvada Bavadekar Founder Director & CEO Efficient and deft manager with expertise in heading IT operations, project planning, handling business transformations, with over 15 years of experience
Sapna Patel Sapna Patel Co-Founder & COO A natural multi-tasking business manager who built a team of over 100 employees as a debut entrepreneur
Shellye Archambeau Shellye Archambeau CEO Award winning leader & a board member of multi-billion dollar companies, inspiring the Generation-Y with her decades of experience as a business executive entrepreneur

Pre School Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Kavitha Rathor Kavitha Rathor Founder & Director Renowned personality in the field of preschool education, and passionate towards early childhood education
Ranjana Chabra Ranjana Chabra Entrepreneur and Education Strategist Empathetic leader mitigating professional and personnal challenges by bring about a change, and deligation
Reshma Shrinivas Reshma Shrinivas CEO Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of building businesses, ground up
Swati Jain Swati Jain Director Charming entrepreneur with honours in psychology, winning the hearts of parents and children with her demeanor
Sudha Sundaravaradan Sudha Sundaravaradan Founder Passionate about creating unique companies, an entrepreneurs who believes India can compete with the developed countries on all fronts

Finance Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Ankita Mitra Ankita Mitra Director A serial entrepreneur with hands-on experience in the Financial Services domain, Ankita is also the co-founder of Frontiza Services
CharuPahuja CharuPahuja Director & Business Head The professionals who think beyond materialistic benefits and take pride in bringing value to the customers don’t belong to run-of-the-mill cubicles of an organization.
Manju Mastakar Manju Mastakar Founder & Director A Passionate builder of financial plans for clients with over 18 years of experience in the financial industry
Maya Sinha Maya Sinha Founder & Director Zealous entrepreneur, stringently working to set up business processes, insurance companies and government business consulting.
Usha Narayan Usha Narayan Associate Director A specialist in people development and administration with a vast experience of over 10 years, working with big conglomerates

E-Commerce Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Dimple Mirchandani Dimple Mirchandani VCs A passionate entrepreneur successfully juggling a private enterprice and a family business
Falguni Nayar Falguni Nayar ‎CEO An entrepreneur who is always ready to take risks and has built a enormous beauty empire
Pernia Qureshi Pernia Qureshi Online E Commerce Portal Stylish actress turned entrepreneur, succefully morphed her passion into a lucrative profession
Suchi Mukherjee Suchi Mukherjee CEO Hard working leader, leapfrogging the fashion ecommerce industry to the next level with profound domain expertise
Richa Kar Richa Kar Internet Entrepreneur & Founder Motivated internet entrepreneur with a knack in technology, building customer centric companies, driven by ideas

Real Estate Industry

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Adwitha Suvarna Adwitha Suvarna CEO A graduate from the Bangalore Institute of Technology, Adwaitha is one of the founding members of Collage Architecture Studio, and plays a pivotal role in its architectural designs & processes
Akshata Menon Vig Akshata Menon Vig Founder An Interior Designing & Architecture enthusiast, Akshata is the Founder of the Bangalore-based interior designing company - De Space Interiors
Gita Ramanan Gita Ramanan Co-Founder & Chief Design & HR Officer An architect who believes in the saying, ‘design is not just what it looks like, but how it works’, Gita is the co-founder of Design Café, where she heads a brilliant design team and is a confirmed bibliophile
Koheli Puri Koheli Puri Managing Director Having over 18 years of experience in commercial real estate and project management, Koheli is currently running her own project management company
Roopashri K Roopashri K Founder Roopashri is currently the Managing Director of Clean4u Services, and has played a significant role in the company's success journey