AVM Pictures: Helping Businesses Improve Brand Awareness through Conceptualized Video Solutions

 Abhishek Masih,    CEOOver the years, corporate videos have been proven to bring brand awareness and enhancement of a company's digital marketing efforts. Among a plethora of corporate video makers, Indore-based AVM Pictures stands out due to their unique approach of story-telling.

AVM Pictures is a corporate video and post-production company that provides video production services such as corporate videos, promotional videos, industrial films, adverts and TVCs, explainer videos, 2D and 3D animation videos, travel videos, events coverage and personal profile videos.

"A corporate video plays a key role in attracting investment for a large company, say a wire or steel manufacturing company. We help these companies showcase features of their machinery and technology," says Abhishek Masih, CEO of AVM Pictures. From India's 2nd largest wire manufacturing company to major real estate players, from disruptive startups to industry leading companies, AVM Pictures has provided best-in-class video and post-production services in the last 14 years.

Addressing the Pains of Visual torytelling
"Our clients always want a concept because being in industry verticals such as hospitality, education or manufacturing, they have often not experienced this kind of marketing. We help our clients make sense of their data," says Abhishek adding, "Another pain point of corporate video production is lack of tight editing. We bring cohesion in the video from
the shooting stage itself that helps our editors do marvels at the post-production stage."

The company also does event coverage such as college fests, annual functions and annual days, interviews, client testimonials, fashion shows, team meet-ups and brings in a distinct personality of their clients in the video. "The reason why our videos are so engaging is because we do not beat around the bush. Our job is to hook people in the first 20 seconds," shares Abhishek.

Videos that got them Accolades
One of the most talked-about and successful videos from the house of AVM Pictures is the Inclusion and Diversity video of Sayaji Group of Hotels. "The challenge was to get the hotel among the top 50 places to work in India. Our team got into the details of knowing their staff personally, conducting interviews and making them comfortable in front of the camera. The video helped them secure 20th position in the country," informs Abhishek.

AVM Pictures' conceptualization and video quality have given them an edge over their competitors

The lockdown video that AVM Pictures created for the Indore Police Department went viral on several social media channels. "There were absolutely no words spoken in this video, no text, no voice over. Yet we managed to tell a story” he says. Parts of this video were later used by National Geographic channel in their national documentary on Indian lockdown.

The First Choice of Industry Leaders
Appreciating the services provided by AVM Pictures, Pushpendra Agrawal, Founder and CEO of MSG91 says, "The sound elements in the ad almost gave life to the video. What I loved most about AVM Pictures is how fast they can understand the concept and give it a feel that suits the industry." MSG91 is a leading global bulk message service provider.

AVM Pictures has successfully created 500+ Corporate and Promotional Videos, written for 400+ websites, delivered 15,000+ blog posts and has retained 98 percent of its clients. According to Abhishek, the company's conceptualization and video quality have given them an edge over its competitors.

Talking about future plans, Abhishek says, "When we started, no one understood the concept of corporate videos. However we kept at it and today clients from all sectors come to us. We hope to continually climb up the ladder by updating our services through new technologies such as AR/VR and FPV," concludes Abhishek Masih.