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 Amol Ingole,  Founder Director

Amol Ingole

Founder Director

The interior designing industry has in the last few years attained a great deal of traction. The onset of COVID, forcing people to spend more time indoors, and the paradigm shift caused as a result of work from home becoming a norm, has worked like fuel to a fire. The dynamic field witnessing new design trends every few months has also seen a massive shift in client expectations. While previously interior designing revolved mostly around aesthetics and general functionality, the introduction of work from home has led to clients expecting much more functionality and versatility from every element placed.

Decormyplace, established in 2015, headquartered in Pune has been designing gorgeous interiors for clients across India at affordable costs. The firm strongly believes that interior design and decor solutions do not need to equal increased expenses and unreliability. The company, composed of experienced and highly skilled professionals, provides innovative interior design solutions including some of the most fantastic space saving solutions like folding furniture.

Services & Products
"Creativity is a highly focused area at Decormyplace. Rather than opting for simple modular furniture we are more focused on creativity and blending the interiors of various areas in the apartment more aesthetically, rather than considering every individual furniture component as a separate item", says.

Decormyplace main services include knowledge of how to use popular materials
including alabaster, pvd-coated metals, veneers, wall coverings, and home automation which are highly desirable currently. What sets this firm apart is their ability to understand the needs and aspirations of clients and pick the correct items that fit well within their budget and produce the desired output.

Decormyplace has also established a state-of-the-art material studio which boasts over 1000 design materials in varied colors and patterns, unlike any other in the country. Containing materials like Marbles, Granites, Laminate materials and much more.the firm also stands out for its unique offering of long term warranty on furniture. Furthermore, to ensure the highest standards of furniture provided, Decormyplace has also expanded to include a line of sofas and beds designed to meet stringent quality standards.

"We have one of the largest team of designers in Pune region, for large projects like Bungalows and Villas we involve various experts like, Lead Designer, Kitchen Expert, 3D visualizer, Electrical Drawing expert, Plumbing expert, Custom product designer, project manager, Upholstery Expert,Styling Expert, Color therapy expert Air Conditioning designer, automation expert and audio video experts to fulfill the expectations of luxury life of our clients", further adds. Leveraging every resource at their disposal and forming strategic collaborations, the team expertly delivers solutions which ensure complete client satisfaction for all clients.

Future Roadmap
Decormyplace has established a strong foothold in the industry through its fantastic range of services. The quality of its services and products coupled with consultations with some of the most innovative and creative interior designers has enabled them to gain the trust of clients across India. It is the result of this dedication to every project that the firm has been able to expand its presence to reach Hyderabad, and Mumbai as well. For the future, Decormyplace aspires to further expand its portfolio of services, improving upon every aspect even more. They also aim at expanding the team with more talented individuals and establishing a physical presence in more cities across the country.