SRM University- AP: A Hub of Innovation & Excellence in Higher Education

 Prof.Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor,   Prof. R Balasubramanian, Director

Prof.Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor

Prof. R Balasubramanian, Director

India's education sector is undergoing significant transformation, driven by the National Education Policy 2020's vision of creating a more equitable and innovative learning environment. In this evolving landscape, SRM University-AP, founded in 2017, stands as a beacon of progressive education. A prestigious institution, SRM University-AP is committed to nurturing exceptional talent and fostering academic excellence. Recognized under the AP State Private Universities Act, 2016, and approved by the UGC, it stands as a pioneering educational hub in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh. With a focus on multidisciplinary research and international exposure, the university aspires to be globally connected, nationally significant, and regionally transformative.

The university is dedicated to delivering a unique and impactful learning experience while promoting academic rigor, research-based education, and entrepreneurship within its vibrant academic community. As a research focused institution, it has transformed its academic landscape through innovative teaching methods, curriculum enhancements, and cutting-edge research facilities. The university's commitment to research is evident in its impressive record of publications, patents, and design copyrights. Ranked 3rd among private universities in India under the Nature Index Ranking, it houses eight interdisciplinary research centers and boasts over 1760+ journal publications, including those in prestigious Q1 and Nature Index Journals. Faculty members and research scholars actively contribute to 85 sponsored research projects worth Rs.29+ Crores.

"In just six years, we have witnessed remarkable growth, with student enrollment soaring from 250 to 6500+ encompassing individuals from 31 Indian states, Union Territories, and 24+ countries. It's now a preferred destination for high-quality education, exploration, and innovation. We have received numerous accolades including the Award for Excellence in Enabling Research Environment(Science), Best Emerging University with Academic Excellence in India, and Most Promising University for Curriculum Design and Development, among others", shares Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor.

Academic Opportunities
SRM University-AP, embracing current trends by introducing a modular and flexible curriculum, offers a comprehensive education in Engineering, Sciences, Management, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, and Entrepreneurship, emphasizing holistic student development. This incorporates horizontal and vertical degree integration, offering students a Choice-Based Credit System(CBCS), aligning with the principles of Education 4.0 and Industry 4.0.

The university also focuses on experiential and technology-enabled active learning, via 'Inter-Disciplinary Experiential Active Learning' (IDEAL). Pedagogical systems are
designed in partnership with MITx, adapting to the changing demands of education. SRM University-AP offers a wide range of interdisciplinary research-oriented programs across three schools and 18 departments, promoting application-oriented learning, global exposure, and practical experience.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Project (UROP), industry internships, and capstone projects are aimed to provide hands-on experience. The Semester Abroad Program (SAP) fosters collaboration with top global universities like UC Berkeley and UW-Madison. SRM University-AP also nurtures entrepreneurship and innovation through its Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA), offering students start-up support and global connections. Furthermore, the Hatchlab Research Centre (HRC) serves as a technology business incubator, supporting over 30 successful startups.

The university promotes an innovative Active/Project based learning approach, extensive collaborations with 60+ global partners, ensuring international exposure and a robust placement cell with 800+ recruitment partners achieving 100 percent placements. SRM University-AP excels in higher studies admissions, with students securing spots in top QS-ranked institutes. It also houses Next Tech Lab (NTL), India's premier student-run research lab.

Dr. P Sathyanarayan, Pro-Chancellor

Superior Facilities
“We offer learners and educators a holistic and nurturing environment to promote unbridled growth and success. Our sprawling campus features state-of-the-art facilities and is meticulously designed to promote a modern, multidimensional, global, social, experiential, and interactive learning culture. It offers a wide array of formal and informal learning spaces, including smart classrooms with projector connections, cutting-edge Active Learning Centres(ALCs), well-equipped programming labs, and advanced research facilities”, shares Dr. P Sathyanarayanan, Pro-Chancellor.

With a focus on research excellence, SRM University AP hosts Eight Interdisciplinary Research Centres of Excellence, addressing critical areas such as energy storage, geospatial technology, drone technology, and more. Over 50 laboratories and 30 advanced research labs, featuring equipment worth Rs.15 crores, support pioneering research initiatives. The university's world class library houses over one million volumes of books, and students benefit from multi-cuisine dining options, air-conditioned hostels, a health center, gymnasium, and multiple sports arenas, including facilities for basketball, football, tennis, badminton, and athletics training, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for its students.

Alongside exceptional facilities, the university also fosters intelligence and innovation by offering a range of scholarships and grants to support aspiring minds. Special scholarship opportunities for international students, meritorious students, as well as scholarships based on the program or educational track opted are offered ranging up 100 percent tuition fee waivers. Furthermore, fellowships and stipends for research fellows as well as PhD candidates are available to promote greater enrollment and achievement.

In its relentless pursuit of excellence, SRM University AP has already left a significant mark on the higher education landscape, empowering students and fostering innovation. With a commitment to quality education, cutting-edge research, and global partnerships, the university stands poised to make an even more profound impact on the future, driving further development and transformation in the academic world.