3 Pillar Global: Creating Values through Strategic Product Design and Tactical Product Development

David DeWolf,Founder & CEO

David DeWolf

Founder & CEO

All of us know that digital is the way to go in the future. Understanding this unparalleled scope in the digital space many companies have turned their focus into formulating various digital and software products to increase their reach and improve revenue generation. The biggest drawback of the majority of the consultants and agencies in today’s digital realm is that they lack proper domain expertise and market know-how in both the digital and marketing field. 3Pillar Global is an expert digital product development company which was set up by David DeWolf in the year of 2006. Through their unrivaled expertise and technical understanding they have been able to become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

From Inception to Global Recognition
3Pillar Global is an agile consultative co-innovator company that was established with a vision to provide solutions for complex questions by integrating the right answers across various disciplines and devices. Founder of the company, David DeWolf holds immense experience in the field and has worked as a software engineer and architect for various companies before planning to strike out on his own. Acknowledging the immense scope in the field of digital product development he created 3Pillar Global with the support of a highperforming team which focused on the belief that a business’s technology and data should be its own product, generating revenue for them and at the same time solving customers’needs. 3Pillar Global focuses on building the right products in the right way with a clear, targeted, and testable product strategy. The company offers various expert services such as media and publishing services software and SAAS services, and other information services that help their clients in increasing their revenue and customer base which helps them stay ahead of the competition. All the services provided by 3Pillar Global are formulated and streamlined to increase their clients'business.

“We are a full life cycle product development company that transforms our clients’ data and information into award winning web and mobile applications and products that drive revenue and improve customer experience and value. Our client strategy is based on something we call ‘The Product Mindset’, which means that we harness and maximize
a business’s data to create a successful digital product, one that is self-funding which is repeatedly chosen by the customer”, says Scott Varho, SVP - Product Development 3Pillar Global. The company’s hard work and dedication have helped them to develop from a small team in 2003 to a company that has generated over $1 billion in client revenue and has nearly 1,000 employees across seven offices across three continents and has been named one of Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies eight times.

A Notch Ahead of All
For a company to achieve such unprecedented success in an ultra competitive industry many factors should align perfectly. “We drive product outcomes from ideation to ongoing evolution and operations. Our 900+ employees around the world are trained on ‘The Product Mindset’ which is our way of viewing product development through a business centric lens. Using The Product Mindset we develop products with three key values in mind designing for outcomes, minimizing time to value and excelling at change. This allows our clients to launch products that provide quality customer experiences which lead to increased revenue and our services help our clients develop products which can continually adapt to evolving customer needs”, avers Scott.

3Pillar Global focuses on building the right products the right way with a clear, targeted, and testable product strategy

This concentration and attention given to their clients has helped 3Pillar Global to bag clients like Carfax, PBS, Equinox, and ParkMobile. Their dedication and professionalism in the field has also helped 3Pillar Global to bag various prestigious awards including CODiE award for Outsourcing Firm of the Year in 2019, and the firm was also recognized by research advisory firm ‘Forrester’ in 2018 and again in 2019 as a Leading Digital Experience Provider and Custom Software Development Firm.

David DeWolf, CEO of 3Pillar Global is very passionate about building high performing teams and runs an extensive 9-month leadership development program that purely emphasizes on fostering the company’s next generation of leaders. He along with the company’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Design, Jessica Hall, has released their first book ‘The Product Mindset Succeed in the Digital Economy by Changing the Way Your Organization Thinks’ which shares the insights they’ve gained in their 12+ years of experience building digital products in the broader marketplace to help young entrepreneurs and future leaders to create their own success stories.

David DeWolf, CEO
Founder & CEO of 3Pillar Global, David DeWolf has been using his unparalleled domain expertise and market experience to make the company into a global brand icon. He has specialized experience which he acquired while working with various technology startups and high growth companies and is an expert in executive leadership strategic planning and business development.

Offices: Fairfax, VA Noida, India Cluj, Romania
Offerings: Media and Publishing Services, Software and SAAS Services, and Other Information Services