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Abhishek Chandra, Co-Founder,Dipika Mehrotra, Founder & CEO

Abhishek Chandra, Co-Founder

Change is constant and enterprises need to adapt to some of the best HR practices to thrive and sustain their growth. In all aspects, companies need to understand the real purpose of its existence, whereby the HR processes that are in place should directly influence the growth of the business, quaintly. Unsurprisingly, this is not the case in majority of the companies, as the HR departments act as a mere administrative profile.

The only way forward for businesses to unleash their potential relies upon partnering with a reliable external source that remains neutral to both people and enterprise. By fitting 7sHR in the picture, businesses are enabled to focus on their core operations. 7sHR handles its HR functions seamlessly and acts as an unbiased entity for growth and success of the organization.

An avid HR subject matter expert with a mindset of channelizing the best HR practices, Abhishek Chandra, Co-Founder, 7sHR, says “Our HR solutions are always in sync with the business leaders mission, and revolves around optimizing cost, time, and resource for their business, thus, giving them the cost-benefit, flexibility, and best outcome that takes their people practices a few notches higher and through that their business goals.”

The Journey of Streamlining HR Processes
Founded by HR idealists with an almost utopian dream, 7sHR began its journey as a concept by two ex-colleagues who kept bouncing HR best practices with each other, the root concept was the popular 7S framework understood and used by the most successful companies today (Strategy, Structure, Systems, Shared Values, Style, Staff & Skills).

With the 7S outlook, the company started its operation in Aug 2015 as a consultancy firm which provides creative HR solutions for startups and SME’s but soon started servicing clients who had established themselves in various industries for a few years as well.
As time progressed, 7sHR also began focusing on getting the right people on board, thus, while partnering with clients they grow alongside. 7sHR is now recognized as a brand that etches the essence of providing quality HR solutions through a single POC.

An HR best practice-evangelist, Dipika Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO, 7sHR, emphasizing on the company’s organic growth says “Since inception, we have not rested on our laurels, we work towards doing the right thing for our clients and its employees, whereby we have added continuous value to the ecosystem by enriching the culture of excellence in everything that we do. An interesting fact is that we haven’t lost a single client since inception. In fact, client references has by far been one of the reasons of our growth.”

" Today, 7sHR provides a gamut of pure HR solutions and services to its clients across India"

Delivering Full Service HR Solutions
Irrespective of the size of the business, 7sHR's tailor-made solutions ensures to fit as per the client’s needs and requirements. The company’s strength relies upon its lean team which has a robust experience, credibility, and knowledge to execute projects, hassle-free.

Dipika mentions "For startups and SMEs, we help build the team from the ground up. On the other hand, for MSMEs & large companies, who have an HR team, we get them from good to great!"

Today, 7sHR provides a gamut of HR solutions and services to its clients across India. The company serves 30+ clients in Mumbai alone. The team takes great pride in its work of saving costs for growing companies. The end-to-end HR solutions and services of 7sHR include engaging with employees, managing payroll, designing and implementing a performance management system,creating and implementing HR policies, aligning the employees to the company goals, vision, mission, culture and values, driving change, on-boarding, screening the right talent, talent acquisition, HR Audit, Organization Development & Learning, setting up an HRMS, Compliance, and many more. “Through our personal and shared experience, we offer our clients a customized solution that further enhances their productivity to a whole new level. There is no ready made, one size fits all solution for people problems. It requires individual
attention, as every company just like any individual out there is unique,” emphasizes Dipika, gallantly.

The Road Ahead of 7sHR
Based out of Mumbai, 7sHR in the coming days envisions offering services to businesses across India. Currently consolidating its position in the market, the company is on a mission to build trust and reliability, before soaring into the next phase.

Dipika Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO

“We want to be known as the brand that is clean, ethical and trustworthy, where people can walk up to us purely on our credibility. We will remain ubiquitous in the HR domain for delivering quality and promising results to our clients,” says Dipika.

Adding to this, Abhishek concludes on a positive note. He says, “Once the business leaders’ partner with us, we offer them the best HR solution that will boost their enterprise to the next level. More than anything, we want the help them focus on their core business activity by allowing us to focus on their people.”

Dipika Mehrotra, Founder & CEO
Abhishek Chandra, Co-Founder
• The team has a cumulative work experience of 30+ years in the HR space and has worked in top management roles across various companies. The duo has been instrumental in setting up a niche consultancy firm, 7sHR Consulting Pvt Ltd.

• At 7sHR, each employee is adept at wearing multiple hats, where they deliver full service HR solutions be it HR processes, compliances, payroll, coaching employees, performance management, talent acquisition ,client relationships and more. The founders believe in positively re-structuring HR processes across industries, including finance, hospitality, media, advertising, research, events, trading, and manufacturing,so that their clients achieve their business goals through ‘Not just being consultants but partners in its truest sense.’