AB Tutorials: Strengthening One Of The Four Pillars Of India's Democracy

Dr. Anila Bhatara, Founder An educationist with passion to create the next line of judicial experts Dr. Anila has been a member of American Psychological Association and International Council of Psychologists for the past 25 years.

When a couple of students approached Dr. Anila Bhatara in 1994 to coach them for law exams, all of who were selected in the top NLUs little did she know that it was just the beginning of a journey that was going to transpire not only the students’ lives, but also hers. With sheer word-of-mouth publicity and references, her institute AB Tutorials (ABT) has trained and helped over 3500 students qualify in the top NLUs who are now practicing as lawyers in India and overseas. At an average student success rate of 95 percent upwards each year, each student is provided personalised attention.

“At ABT, we believe education is not only realising each individual’s inner potential but also transferring humanity from one generation to another. Hence our foundation is on two guiding principles. We strive not only for students to become brilliant lawyers, but through our holistic approach also to become good human beings to create value in society through law. We believe in transformation and growth,”explains Gaurav Bhatara, Group Director, ABT aka Bhatara Law Institute.

Around 43.55 lakh cases are pending in the high court of India alone, said India’s Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in a written reply. More so due to the shortage of lawyers in the country. However, despite many willing to pursue law as a career, it is the ignorance of the entire process and curriculum that pushes them to opt for other popular courses like engineering. To deal with such circumstance ABT introduces ‘Law as a Career’ to students through a small exercise in terms of introspection, which is administered both in written and oral form in terms of brain storming. “This helps them to understand themselves in relation to their aptitude and interest with the respective goal/aspirations set by them. We not only prepare them to qualify, but also to graduate from law school,” explains Dr. Anila Bhatara.

More than an Institute
To achieve this, the institute provides personalized attention to each student and encourages them to raise and clarify their doubts on one-to-one basis, both online and offline. It understands that the course materials are equally important hence ABT’s materials/content are researched over three levels to ensure zero errors. Further they are quality tested by experts in the concerned field before releasing, while updating the content for different subjects/abilities as per the requirement. Additionally these user friendly and non-exhaustive modules are formatted in such a way that it becomes easy
for the students to learn and revise. A top the institute also offers extra supplementary materials apart from study materials and an enriched library with books related to various subjects to help students gain enhanced and precise knowledge.

Through two way interactive webinars on important topics, its monthly newspaper AB Edu Times comprising of GK for the month & latest happenings online ABT also offers daily GK updates on student’s MYO LMS. Its online window for doubts & clarification acts as a single point for both students and parents, and with regular assessment of students ABT also helps them know their strength & weakness in order to help them make best use of their efforts.

ABT provides personalized attention to each student and encourages them to raise and clarify their doubts on one-to-one basis, both online and offline

Assistance beyond Teaching
To ensure students have the liberty to visit the class sessions any time they wish ABT provides them video recording of the lecture topics and notes at regular intervals. Students are also encouraged to complete the supplementary/workbooks considering the study and the syllabus targets. Online discussion & interaction platform acts as the booster to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills. Understanding that law is not just any other course and may some time take toll on the student’s physical and mental being ABT takes a holistic approach to provide counselling, where trained psychologists help them cope-up with academic stress and realize their true potential to achieve academic success.

To offer such cutting-edge education the trainers need to be dedicated, committed and hardworking. At ABT it is what students experience. To maintain regularity and consistency in their performance, the trainers are provided in-service training which also helps achieve optimum accomplishment. The faculty are further trained on personality development on a regular basis to chec their emotional & intelligence quotient level stress level, achievement motivation level and other areas. Oral testing is also a part of the training as it reinforces knowledge.

En Route to Future
No wonder, with the 275 online tests 40 online CLAT and other law exam mock tests, ABT has been successful in ensuring its students to get into top Law schools of India. Currently operational from two centres in New Delhi (Hauzkhas & Connaught Place), ABT is experiencing a very strong growth, and hence plans to increase the student intake in these centres. It has recently launched a very comprehensive online preparation system for students from all over the country who wish to prepare for any law exams.

ABT also prepares students for LNAT UK and LSAT US, meant for students intending to prepare for law exams overseas. “We also prepare students who wish to apply for LLB and LLM overseas. We have received a whopping 100 percent selection in top 25 world law universities we will continue increasing our intake for the same,” concludes Dr. Anila.

Gaurav Bhatara, Group Director
A member of the Harvard square International Leaders Group, Gaurav is a social entrepreneur and philanthropist. He completed his education in US universities, and boasts of having over two decades of international experience.

Office: New Delhi

Courses: ABLTS, ABLTT, ABLTR, DULLB, DULLB (classroom), MYO online learning programs Advance (correspondence), and LSAT International, LNAT UK (international law entrance exams)

Milestones Achieved:
•Over 3500 students qualified in Top NLUs till date
•95 percent student success rate in Law Exams for last 10 years
•One out three students registered selected in CLAT/Top NLUs on an average each year
•100 percent success rate in LLM overseas in top 25 world Law Univ
•100 percent success rate in LLB overseas in top 25 colleges in UK
•2018 Delhi Icon award for excellence in Law exam training