AbeerTech: Out Beating Competition with Employee Favourable Policies

Ajay Arora & Ruchie Arora,Founder & Director & Co-Founder& Director

Ajay Arora & Ruchie Arora

Founder & Director & Co-Founder& Director

Being some one who could n’t afford to heed the incessantly biting entrepreneurial bug for a major portion of his career, Ajay Arora (Founder & Director, AbeerTech) easily cracked the code to amplifying productivity by satisfying employees. From being a.Net trainer to independent Share Point consultant to his current calling, he has worked with organizations of all sizes in India & U.S. which taught him to cultivate a healthy work culture and deploy employee favour able policies with widened perspective. There truly are not many companies that take employee’s suggestions into consideration while drafting new policies like Ajay’s AbeerTech does.“Our transparent work culture provides healthy environment for effective communication. Each department is in sync with each other. Communication hierarchy and protocols are in place for department level communications,” expounds Ruchie Arora, Co-Founder & Director, Abeer Tech.At the end of each day,I feel as though I’ve made a contribution to

Growing Apace with the Company

Laid its cornerstone in 2014 with development projects for U.S., France and Canada based clients, AbeerTech soon segued into digital marketing arena, where it built effective brand promotion campaigns for real estate builders. Its unique approach of building custom strategies based on clients product & services turned out to be a humungous hit!Since then, Abeer Tech has been dominating the real estate sector in Chandigarh Tricity region with top-notch clients such as DLF Universal, TUV Rheinland, BG Ford Group, Green Lotus Apartments, Swiss International, TSCTI, Outline Systems and many more.

The successful digital marketing projects have been fuelling AbeerTech with an impressive revenue growth in past two years, which translates into abundant growth opportunities for its employees.“Joining AbeerTech has been one of the best decisions of my life! From my journey as Trainee to Creative Head,I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with diverse people, both locally and globally. It is inspiring to work for such company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement. I never feel complacent or bored with
never feel complacent or bored with my role. AbeerTech’s success,” says Vimal Wadhwa, Sr. Web Designer, AbeerTech.

As the company’s gender ratio verges towards female employees, security is a high priority at AbeerTech. Its escalation matrix keeps all information and sexual harassment complaints confidential to ensure open communication with the management. “AbeerTech’s open & free culture and flexible timings gave me the opportunity to create a perfect work-life balance. The senior management is approachable and receptive of new ideas. Colleagues and managers are always ready to provide support. Going through various trainings such as Corporate Etiquette, Time Management, Goal Setting and others helped me to develop my self both personally and professionally,” explains Rashmi, AQ, AbeerTech.The company keeps its people motivated to enhance their technical skills by organising training sessions with seasoned professionals and through permitting them to shift to a different department within organisation based on their interest.

The culture of celebration is ingrained in Abeer Tech’s DNA,since it strongly believes that celebrating milestones reminds every employee the importance of goals and inspires them to set new goals in all areas of work

Acquiring & Retaining Skilled Professionals

that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement.I never feel complacent or bored with my role. AbeerTech’s success,” says Vimal Wadhwa, Sr. Web Designer, AbeerTech.

AbeerTech seeks team players who are good learners and passion-driven. The company levie sits primary focus on referral hiring to recruit skilled professionals in time. In a brain-drained city like Chandigarh, where budding professionals don’t mind hopping for minimal raise, Abeer Tech retains its people by building a win-win ecosystem, wherein it out beats competition with flexible timings (work-from-home for few), lucrative incentive for sales team, fast-tracked growth route for high performers, recreational activities after hectic assignment, motivational sessions and employee reward programs (performer of the month & year) along with other standard HR policies.

“Honestly, this is the perfect working environment to grow and make a difference! The way I have
been welcomed here showed that AbeerTech believes in Employees Are Our Greatest Strength’. The extremely co-operative management, transparent policies and clear vision ensures its employees’ continual personal & professional growth and bright future. I am proud to be a part of AbeerTech family,”remarks Vandana, Sr. Executive – HR/Admin, AbeerTech.The culture of celebration is ingrained in Abeer Tech’s DNA, since it strongly believes that celebrating milestones reminds every employee the importance of goals and inspires them to set new goals in all areas of work. While bringing family along during special occasions shows them it’s not always work, frequent recreational activities help employees to gain energy and strengthen the bond amongst them.

Stretching Wings

AbeerTech is optimizing its team structure and striving to identify pain points of various businesses and effective ways to address those in order to reach its goal of establishing it self as one of the leading Brand Promotion and Influential Marketing agencies by 2020.“We have the best infrastructure in town to take advantage of future opportunities and we are ready to scale,”ends Ajay.Having forged a stellar reputation in real-estate domain,AbeerTech is passionately stretching its wings to touch base with other domains as well.

Key Management

Ajay Arora, Founder & Director

Ajay always has a strategy to sell anything on internet, be it finding admissions for a school/college or selling an Rs.1.5 crore flat, he knows how to influence people over internet and get business for clients. No wonder, he has been referred as Influential marketer by renowned real estate builders in Chandigarh.

Ruchie Arora,Co-Founder& Director

Ruchie leverages her MBA–HR degree as well as the experience she has garnered over the years during her tenure as backend co-ordinator at ICICI & HSBC to elevate the company in many ways.

VandanaChib, Sr.Executive – HR

An accomplished HR professional with experience in administration, procedural decision making & leveraging social media to engage audience, build relationship and grow the company image,Vandana takes pride in her ability to successfully recruit highly skilled technical professionals.

Offices: Zirakpur - Mohali (Headquarter)& Panchkula - Haryana (Corporate Office)

Offerings: Digital Marketing, Branding & Brand Promotion, Cloud Telephony,Lead Generation