Accelpro Technologies India: Promoting Safe Computing with Secure Access Solutions

  Aditya Malhotra,     DirectorIn the past few years, more particularly during the pandemic, there has been a major shift in the style of working of IT-related personnel. ‘Work from home or WFH’ has become a standard feature. Having realized the benefits of WFH, many companies are continuing with the system even during near normal times. WFH or remote working involves permitting remote access to corporate applications and networks. The security levels of the remote machines are not verified. They may be under attack by hackers or viruses. The threat, if access is permitted, can spread to the corporate network. Permitting remote access over the open internet is extremely risky. Most companies use VPN or legacy solutions such as MPLS or site-to-site IPsec as their remote access software. These solutions cannot thwart complex cyber attacks. To overcome the deficiencies of the legacy remote access software, Accelpro Technologies has developed ZTNA or Zero Trust Network Access software which provides nearly 100 percent security.

Established in 2011, and headquartered in Delhi NCR, Accelpro Technologies has developed ZTNA products for ensuring secure access to corporate applications, from remote locations. The products developed by Accelpro comprise APG1400, APG2800, APG5600, APG700, APGVA, and CAG5600 secure access products. Aditya Malhotra is the director and key personnel of the company. Accelpro’s team consists of highly experienced engineers who have worked with big companies such as Intel and Cyberoam.

A Multifaceted Product
The products developed by Accelpro Technologies are either hardware or software-based. The hardware-based ZTNA range consists of products that can support a varying number of users. All the products are easy to use, energy saving, and plug-and-play type. The smallest of the range is an appliance, designed for small companies and capable of supporting up to 50 concurrent users. APG1400 is a mid-range, purpose-built hardware appliance. It can support approximately 250 users simultaneously. The enterprise class product or APG2800 can support up to 2500 concurrent users. APG5600 is designed to handle 10000 concurrent users. All the products are similar in build but differ in the number of users they support.

Accelpro also markets its products as software tools. Companies normally deploy virtualization platforms such as VMware,
Microsoft, and Citrix. Accelpro provides an operating system image to the end-users. Using Accelpro’s ISO image, users can create a virtual machine, using their hardware, to run the Accelpro software. Additionally, users can also access Accelpro software as a service. Accelpro has partnered with Reliance Communications to launch a cloud-based, secure access service, to offer its products to clients.

Accelpro Technologies has developed ZTNA or Zero Trust Network Access software which provides nearly 100percent security

The Accelpro Advantage
Accelpro has simplified the software implementation process. Normally It is a challenge to implement ZTNA software on endpoint machines. Accelpro has automated the implementation process to a large extent. Accelpro’s solutions are plug-and-play products. Users only need to complete the basic configuration and connect Accelpro’s product to the system. Login IDs, passwords, and expiry dates of the passwords are communicated automatically, by the system, to the users. Device binding is carried out automatically. Endpoint machines are automatically scanned and access permissions granted. Most of the protocols are automated. Implementing Accelpro solution has been considerably simplified. This is the major advantage that differentiates Accelpro’s products from the others in the market. Additionally, the software is highly scalable.
Another major factor that differentiates Accelpro’s product from its’ peers is its performance. Certain tools, algorithms, and protocols, included with the software, have made it a highly responsive product. Login time is minimum and the system responds quickly to commands. There is a significant difference, in performance, between Accelpro and the other software. Users benefit from the improved performance of Accelpro’s products.

Accelpro has worked with big names such as Daikin, Honda cars, Lanes Communications, Mitsubishi, RoyalEnfield, WHO, India Glycols, Reliance Communications, Volvo Eicher, and several others. Accelpro’s products are used by more than 40000 remote users and 100 companies. The immediate expansion plans of the company include tapping the south-east Asian and the Middle-east markets. The company plans to foray into the United States market at a late date.

Accelpro is a part of the NASSCOM 10000 Startup Ecosystem Initiative. The company has been recognized as one of the 20 most promising enterprise security companies by CIOReview. Accelpro has also been recognized as one of the top 50 ‘most innovative product companies’ by Intech 50.

Accelpro plans to investin research and development in a big way. It intends to add new features to existing solutions and introduce innovative products in the future. The company plans to collaborate with cybersecurity agencies and also expand its distributor network, in India and abroad, to market its products. The company hopes to receive the support of state and central governments, under the ‘Make-in-India initiative to market its products.

The company’s vision is to be recognized as the leading developer of secure remote access solutions and services. Its’ mission is to deliver a single product for all secure remote access needs.