Acsen HyVeg: Elevating Employees’ Careers & Lives

Arvind Kapur , Managing Director

Arvind Kapur

Managing Director

Manjunath Venkatarayappa is a hardworking and sincere professional. Currently acting as the Vice President - Production at Acsen HyVeg – a firm that develops, produces and delivers high quality seeds to the farmers, Manjunath had joined the Acsen team back in 2009 as a mid-level manager. Propelled by the encouraging work environment and supportive management team at Acsen, he blossomed into an astute business leader and today holds the reigns of production at the ambitious firm that works towards amplifying farm outputs. Anil M is another aggressive and sincere professional who grew from middle management as Arvind Kapur, Managing Director product development specialist to now business unit head of M&S.

He has created new standards in the marketing of seeds to our end customer ‘The Farmer’. He believes in educating and showing farmers the use of high-quality seeds and demonstrating the quality of seeds and its performance in their fields. Today, HyVeg is the fast- growing company due to the efforts of all senior team members, including Sandeep Chatrath, Ajay Dayal, D K Sharma, M N Reddy and Prabhakar Rao. A walk across the Acsen HyVeg office will introduce you to several other success stories like Manjunath’s.

“A majority of our current business unit heads had joined the organization as middle rank managers. Over the past decade, we have ensured that all our dedicated employees receive ample opportunities to learn multiple functions and grow professionally,” explains Arvind Kapur, Managing Director, Acsen HyVeg.

Therefore, not only have several professionals charted the professional ladder, but the firm boasts of an attrition rate much lower than the industry average. The architect of a workspace that prioritizes its employees’ growth, Arvind ensures that everyone at Acsen has the freedom to express their views and present ideas. Bestowing ample professional opportunities to one and all, the company ensures that every employee constantly learns and progresses. Armed with employee friendly and contemporary HR policies, the Gurugram headquartered firm is a haven for professionals looking for a challenging yet encouraging workspace.

Being Mindful of Every Stakeholder
Acsen as a firm works towards providing farmers with high quality products through the implementation of new techniques. The socially and environmentally conscious firm believes in building trustworthy relationships with all business associates through transparent and ethical practices. Mirroring its work philosophy is Acsen’s HR philosophy, which focuses on encouraging employees to attend conferences and other learning conducive events in order to gain mastery in their sphere of work.

Making every stakeholder an integral part of research, the firm encourages its researchers to visit fields to interact with farmers and understand their present & future requirements. This approach exposes employees to research environment, where they can learn more.

Open Doors & Open Hearts
Unlike most conventional workspaces where hierarchies are the order of the day, the Acsen work floor is a rather democratic space. It is not uncommon to spot Arvind at a mid-management employee’s desk, discussing an exciting idea. “We have an open and conducive environment for employees to grow and perform in the organization. I believe in walking around and interacting with employees frequently.I also share my knowledge and experience with them frequently to prepare them for future challenges,” narrates the affable leaders.
I also share my knowledge and experience with them frequently to prepare them for future challenges,” narrates the affable leaders. Not just Arvind, every other senior staff member has adopted the open door policy; employees are encouraged to share their suggestions and grievances openly.

Not treating this policy as a namesake, Acsen ensures that the grievances are resolved at the earliest. Similarly, if any suggested ideas are implementable within the organization, the firm recognizes the employee’s contribution through the PIE award (Perseverance, Innovation & Excellence). The company also has a robust talent review process conducted every year, inputs from which are taken for further development to help employees do their current job effectively and future roles as well.

Acsen identifies high performing employees through this process, and special focus is laid on keeping these employees engaged in their current jobs with new projects and assignments. The firm has an appropriate rewards and recognition system in place, which keeps employees motivated. Emphasizing on constant learning, the management encourages employees to attend required national and international technical development programs.

“We have an employee higher education policy, through which we reimburse fee amount of up to Rs.3 lakh upon end of successful completion of certification and degree,” informs Shweta Chawla, HR Manager, Acsen HyVeg.

Onboarding the Right Talent, the Right Way
Employee retention is often a telling sign of a happy workplace. Acsen values its employees immensely, and thus invests extra efforts in hiring the right people and ensuring that they do not leave. Acsen focuses on creating a positive & nurturing company culture that people would want to be a part of.

“Having a strong company culture is not traditionally a part of recruitment techniques, but having a strong company identity goes a long way when pitching a company to a candidate,” explains Shweta. The firm’s hiring processes are a mix of modern and traditional HR policies. One avenue of achieving talent management and employee growth is by focusing on hiring internally; a valuable recruitment strategy, it guarantees that vacant positions are filled by people who already understand the company, its culture and what is expected of them.

The company has also implemented an employee referral scheme to encourage people to recommend qualified people and vouch for their skills & experience. Acsen realizes that contemporary workplaces are much more employee focused and individualized. Benefits and perks play a key role in keeping people engaged, happy and healthy. Along with good compensation, Acsen provides various benefits such as paid leaves, healthcare coverage, annual health checkups, PIE awards, long service awards, transport facility and subsidized food facility, among various others.

A majority of our current business unit heads had joined the organization as middle rank managers

Emphasizing on countering work pressure and stress, the company focuses on promoting work life balance and prioritizes wellness. Fun events such as sports day, company off sites, annual day and many more are planned periodically. These events not only focus on the employees, but also encourage their families to actively participate.

Knowledge at the Core of It All
Built on the foundations of agriculture industry’s stalwart, Dr. M Ramasami’s knowledge and conviction, Acsen understands the significance of knowledge management and knowledge sharing. “Knowledge sharing is a cornerstone for a company’s growth. It prepares us to counter upcoming challenges through traditional and nontraditional means,” says Arvind.

In order to promote this philosophy, Acsen has created a knowledge sharing environment, where every employee is encouraged to conduct periodic meetings, friendly group discussions and other activities though which views & information can be exchanged. Carrying forward its founder’s vision, and along with Senthilnathan, the Executive chairman, Arvind is ensuring that Acsen remains the seat for innovative ideas and pathbreaking products.

Key Management
Arvind Kapur, Managing Director
A people’s leader with a knack for identifying motivated employees, Arvind is responsible for strategic planning and execution to achieve the vision of the organization. Building on his three-decade long industry experience, Arvind has not only created a powerful brand ‘HyVeg’ in the Indian vegetable seed industry, but has also put together a motivated & talented team of domain experts. Senthilnathan, Executive Chairman Senthilnathan believes in ‘People First’ and supports the technologies intervention in research and providing best opportunities to all employees for their career growth in the company.

Special Mention: Pie Awards
Acsen HyVeg awards its proactive and enterprising employees with the PIE award, which stands for Perseverance, Innovation & Excellence. Awarded to employees who present implementable ideas focused on increasing organizational efficiencies, the award acts as a motivating factor for employees to stay proactive.

Offices: Gurugram, Coimbatore & Bangalore