ADA India: Empowering Growth in Data & AI

Prabhat Agarwal, Head - Data Analytics

Prabhat Agarwal

Head - Data Analytics

Advancements in technology have revolutionized businesses globally, allowing for increased workforce mobility, staff flexibility, and improved communication and collaboration, resulting in enhanced productivity and employee well-being. And, in this regard, ADA in India outshines many, positioned as an attractive and forward thinking employer, embracing transformative shifts and bolstering the proficiency of the workforce offering a plethora of growth opportunities.

As a leading data and AI company, ADA India is transforming the work world. It was in 2023, that ADA Asia made its headway into the Indian market as ADA India with the strategic acquisition of DHIOMICS ANALYTICS, a Bangalore-based data analytics company that it acquired as a part of ADA. The company partners with domain experts in different markets. With 12 offices and a workforce of around 1,400 professionals, the company has a robust presence in Asia. It has dual headquarters in Singapore and Malaysia and is backed by industry giants, including Softbank, Axiata, Mitsui and Sumitomo Corporation.

ADA India offers a comprehensive suite of services that empower enter prises and brands to boost data transformation, digital marketing, and sales transformation across Asia. The company has a multi-faceted, data-driven approach encompassing data transformation services, marketing solutions, e-Commerce solutions, and customer engagement solutions.

ADA India’s stance is strong in data and AI as it is one of the fastest-growing companies in India and across Asia backed by a team of experts in data analytics, technology, customer experience, e-Commerce, performance marketing, platform engineering content, and customer engagement. Whether it’s streamlining operations, enhancing user experiences, or revolutionizing industries, ADA India is leading the path by providing effective data and AI consulting and solutions.

Promoting Employee Growth within Organization

In this ever-advancing and trend-led business technology world, ADA India is a company that promotes people excellence and offers multi-dimensional growth opportunities in data and AI. It focuses on professional growth, leadership, and work culture. The company encourages employees to take initiative and lead those initiatives if they possess an entrepreneurial mindset and are passionate. The company has an open work culture and ample opportunities to grow within the ecosystem. “We want to make a difference here, not just for the company but for all. Also, our open work culture and ample opportunities to grow within the ecosystem
is something that interests our employees and they want to be with us”, shares Prabhat Agarwal, Head of Data Analytics, ADA India.

Employee Impartiality & Well-being is Central

The company champions gender equality and inclusivity in the workplace, providing unbiased employment opportunities to all, including women. It embeds this philosophy into every aspect of an employee's life cycle, from hiring to rewards and recognition. All employees undergo mandatory unconscious bias training every two years during employment. Interviewers are trained to avoid unconscious biases when interviewing and selecting candidates. The company also has a mentoring program with women leaders as mentors. On our company website, there is a section where we publish our gender statistics diligently. These statistics are displayed everywhere in our associations with universities and engagement with clients and stakeholders as we're very true to the gender equality agenda at ADA”, delineates Priscilla Nathan, Head of HR, ADA.

She adds, "We have a month-long agenda for International Women's Day. Local and guest speakers come in, and we’ve distributed books on gender equality and unconscious bias in the past. There's also a lot of collection of courses that we've gotten our employees to attend to empower them and make them realize that they can take up the ownership of embracing women's leadership. All our leaders took a gender equality pledge and even our CEO indulges in the celebrations and takes the purpose of the celebration seriously".

ADA India well perceives the importance of work-life balance & encourages employees to maintain it offering flexibility in working hours & under standing the individual needs

ADA India conducts bi-annual employee engagement surveys, which also measure employees' perception on how well the company values diversity. Nearly 80 percent of the employees have responded positively to this process during the last survey. Consequently, there’s a considerable bench strength of women leadership at the company. It provides ample support and guidance to help women employees advance to leadership positions, including mentoring programs. There are HR business partners too on the ground who work in tandem with the process to understand the challenges faced by women and mitigate them respectively.

“Moreover, ADA India’s Employee Experience team’s initiatives effectively ensure employee well-being and engagement. There are various events and activities organized for the same such as Health Awareness Month and Sports Day, including a few collaboration activities and mental health awareness talks. This year, the company is also doing a blood donation drive and bringing in health experts to help employees unwind their physical stress while working on their computers”, delineates Priscilla.

Striking a Balance & Fostering Innovation

In today's fast-paced world, ADA India well perceives the importance of work-life balance and encourages employees to maintain it, offering flexibility in working hours and understanding the individual needs. Even the company's unique hiring process focuses exclusively on delivering innovative and efficient products by hiring top talent from the market. In this context, "We have creatively introduced ‘rhythm hours’ in February 2024, which allows employees to work according to their rhythm. Of course, productivity is still important, but we try to accommodate the kind of configuration and flexibility employees require depending on their professional and personal grounds", shares Priscilla.

In the ever-shifting seas of the Data and AI industry, ADA India sets sail with a compass calibrated for innovation and emerges as a trailblazer, offering employees a platform to excel and innovate. With a focus on learning and development, ADA India proves to be a great workplace for professional growth and success and is committed to leveraging the knowledge, skills, and diverse talents of its employees to drive innovation and growth. “Our goal is to emphasize inclusivity, diversity, and growth ensuring that all our employees feel supported and valued, and have access to the resources they need to succeed”, signs off Priscilla.