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Aditya Jain,Founder & CEO

Aditya Jain

Founder & CEO

AddRec stands for adding recruits, AddRec is a global recruitment solutions company, providing organizations with solutions & services to meet their workforce needs across the world. With 100+ Technical Social Media recruiters and services in India, Gulf & Africa they help clients to find the best talent globally. Post COVID pandemic AddRec has expanded its Africa specific recruitment team by adding 35+ members to existing team and is ramping up its Africa team aggressively. So why Africa?

This is how Aditya Jain, Founder CEO of AddRec Solutions who is also an MBA from Cardiff Business School, UK explained the great African opportunity. "Africa is the world's second largest continent covering about one fifth total land surface on earth where 121 crore people live in 55 countries. So that's 8000 Kms from North to South & 7400 Kms from East to West. It's also the least developed continent of the world. That exactly what has caught our imagination. It's the continent where businesses will boom over the next 100 years, though with many ups and downs," he adds. "Africa is the continent where businesses will boom for next 100 years & we want to be right there," he continues.

Today AddRec is working with 150+ companies in the African region helping them find the best talent globally. What puts us apart is our team, our culture, ability to innovate and our commitment to our clients. For us our ethics are the most important part of our culture. We believe in delivery, commit only what you can deliver and always surprise your customer with the quality and timely delivery. That's why clients keep coming back to us. Today approx. 75 percent of our revenue is from repeat clients. "We know Africa & Africa knows us now," Aditya states.

Why AddRec For Africa?
So Aditya further explains what makes his
team stand out when it comes to Africa Recruitments: He says his team's combined years of Africa Recruitments is 200+ years. We have some of the finest employees who have worked on Africa Recruitments from the start of their career to till date. They understand that in Africa all countries have their own visa & employment rules. We have deep understanding of the region & the requirements of our clients. We set the expectations of new employee beforehand to ensure no surprises, our client like us for this. Another thing is, we learn fast and stay updated.

Unique Client, Employee, Candidate Model
Clients, Employees & Candidate are the three most important stakeholders at AddRec. We went about creating a unique strategy around all three. Clients look at AddRec as a company high on ethics, innovative, with stable employees who ensure quality timely delivery as committed. Employees look at AddRec as a great company to work for with excellent culture which encourages them to work with entrepreneurial spirit which also them an opportunity to become a partner in company's growth & profits. Candidates look at AddRec as a genuine ethical partner in their global career growth. This unique business model has assured AddRec's business continuity & growth.

Today AddRec is working with 150+ companies in the African region helping them find the best talent globally

Technology, Recruitment & AddRec
AddRec leads the industry from front in adapting new innovative recruitment techniques through social media. We firmly believe that the only constant in recruitment industry is to change and evolve. The company realized the power of social median changed fast, today recruiters are called Technical Social Media Researchers TSMR's. Previously in recruitment industry recruiters were called Recruitment Specialists or RS at AddRec we only have TSMR's. We invested in technology extensively, right from the start. We were probably one of the first few companies in the region to implement Hirecraft across all our operations. All our employees have to go through social media training, learn, unlearn and relearn.

Future Plans?
Aditya and his team are very bullish about the future growth. He says, "The biggest challenge for us is to find employees for our self, we today have 35+ open positions internally but finding people for our self has become a big challenge and that's a funny situation to be in when you are one of the biggest recruitment firms in your region". "We have the right people at the right places and our leadership team is very aggressive within the next three years we look forward to expanding our Africa Team to 100+ recruiters and overall to be a 200+ people company. Aditya's favorite dream is to make India the worlds recruitment hub!," he concludes.

Aditya Jain, Founder & CEO
Aditya works with over 100 recruiters' team across India and Gulf countries in making his company a truly global organization.
Location: Ahmedabad
Offerings: Recruitment, Staffing, Construction, Real Estate and more