Advance Physiotherapy Clinic: A Patient-centric Physiotherapy Clinic that Prioritizes on Quality

Dr. Komal Sharma,  Managing Director & Consultant

Dr. Komal Sharma

Managing Director & Consultant

Dr. Komal Sharma, BPT, MPT (Neuro) is the brains behind Advance Physiotherapy Clinic and leveraging her unrivalled domain expertise of 18 plus years, she has been able to lay the foundation of one of the primary catalysts of change in the Indian physiotherapy realm. When asked about the mission of Advance Physiotherapy Clinic, Dr. Komal says, "We have found successful solutions to help people with acute, sub-acute and chronic problems, and when we are in doubt about our ability to help a patient, we unhesitatingly refer them to the correct doctor/ facility".

Over the years, we have garnered the reputation of being one of the best physiotherapists for physiotherapy treatment in Pune and in order to cater to the varied requirements of our patients we offer systematic, organized, and professional rehabilitation services. We are committed to offering high-quality, new-age effective physiotherapy solutions along with effective treatment results in an honest, ethical, and professional manner. When, it comes to our specialty, I would say that we are experts when it comes to managing the different types of Orthopedic and sports-related conditions".

There are multiple facets that sets Advance Physiotherapy Clinic apart from the rest in the market and these unique features are: state of the art gadgets and instruments, and a plethora of well trained and qualified doctors who have expertise in niche physiotherapy segments. This has helped the company to offer the best quality services to their customers consistently. Using the latest techniques and instruments also allows them
to fully heal their patients within a short period of time. Apart from all this, to offer the best experience for their patients, Advance Physiotherapy Clinic makes sure that their physiotherapists work with the patients at their convenience, to reduce their pain and get them back on their feet.

“We have been offering our services to patients for more than a decade now & over the years we have been able to see their genuine joy & satisfaction following our treatment & for us, this is what drives us forward

Evolving into a Flag-bearer
Advance Physiotherapy Clinic prioritizes on listening to their patients first. They dedicate ample amount of time to listen to the issues that the patients face and their requirements. Only after that, they start the actual treatment. The fact that Advance Physiotherapy Clinic listens so carefully to their patients allows them to offer them the best treatment plans and results. There have also been numerous occasions where their clients were not satisfied with the previous physiotherapy clinics but once they reach Advance Physiotherapy Clinic, they feel the difference both in quality and patient care. Apart from all this, Advance Physiotherapy Clinic ensures that they provide the environment, expertise, and support required to assist natural healing.

Adding more about their evolution and future plans, Dr. Komal says "We have been offering our services to patients for almost a decade now and over the years we have been able to see the genuine joy and satisfaction after our treatment and for us, this is what drives us forward. Also, we don't make false claims. Honesty is a crucial facet of our operations and this transparency has helped us to gain the trust of our patients, which is a crucial part of our growth. Owing to all this, our business has grown predominantly through word of mouth, which just goes to show the quality of our services and the reputation we have built for ourselves over the years, in the industry. Going forward, we have a multitude of plans for the future out of which, expanding our presence to more locations remains a top priority for us and by doing so, we aspire to be accessible to a more patients”.