Aero Plast Ltd.: Trailblazer Company In The Packaging Industry

Ajay Goyal,CEOOver the past few years, India has seen and achieved unprecedented growth in terms of industrialization and globalization. Consequently, there has been incredible demand for modern technology and an up-gradation of quality in products and services in practically every industry. One such space that is evolving and flourishing constantly is the packaging industry of India. According to Report linker, the Indian packaging market was valued at $50.5 billion in 2019, and it is expected to reach $204.81 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 26.7 percent during the period of 2020-2025. This sector is the fifth largest sector in India's economy and it is one of the highest growing sectors in the country. Contributing to this flourishing industry is Aero Plast Limited (APL), a Delhi-based Packaging Company that provides customized packaging solutions to meet and suit the requirements of its clients.

The company was founded with a simple idea of serving the needs of India's dynamic and progressing Packaging Industry. Today, with great dedication towards the promotion of the industry and under the dynamic management of Ajay Goyal (CEO), the firm has emerged as the country's leading manufacturer & undisputed wholesaler of best quality packaging solutions. "Presently, APL is acclaimed as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of sectors.

Our packaging solutions never compromise on any aspect and we offer free consultation to prospective buyers based upon our rich and fruitful experience of over four decades," asserts Ajay. The selection of proper packaging material and conducive system are an integral part of the packaging process and product design.

Being the visionary that he is Shri Ajay Goyal understood this concept and with true dynamism endeavoured to fulfil the packaging requirements for various verticals. This led to the establishment of a small trading house of the packaging material. In 1978, AJAY BROTHERS LTD. came into existence. The inception of the now reputed AEROPLAST LTD took place in 1995.

A Diverse Portfolio
For APL, client-centric packaging forms the fulcrum of its business, while the comprehensive range of packaging makes it
a well-rounded Packaging Company. From paper bags, packaging pouches, packaging rolls, flexible packaging film to LDPE films, LDPE bags & pouches, LDPE roll and stand pouches, APL has already served various clients via its unmatched, unparalleled solutions since its inception. The firm holds a top-class portfolio of products which include simple brown paper bags, S.O.S bags, pinch bottom bags, merchandise bags, Euro tote bags, bakery bags, party bags, and mailing bags.

APL's flagship offering is its brown craft paper bags (with print), which are not just highly economical and handy, but also eco-friendly, robust, and recyclable. No wonder, it's the APL's end-to-end, innovative design and development expertise along with such a broad product portfolio that leads to innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions. This is the winning factor that has helped the organization to gain the trust and appreciation of various National and International clients.

Apart from the products and services, another factor that enables the firm to stand apart from the crowd is its headstrong workforce. APL comprises a highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals, who take care of the entire process starting from production to distribution along with ensuring the utmost quality of the final products. Furthermore, leveraging a state-of-the-art infrastructural unit that is equipped with the latest machinery, the team strives to meet the ever-changing requirements of the customers within the scheduled time span.

Our packaging solutions never compromise on any aspect and we offer free consultation to prospective buyers based upon our rich and fruitful experience of over four decades

A Strategic Roadmap For Potential Growth
`Automation is the key to success'. Bearing this viewpoint in mind APL has upgraded its infrastructure time and again. The firm further believes that it is automation that will finally lead the organization to achieve a globally distributed, highly resilient and responsive manufacturing ecosystem. In 2010, APL started its new venture of paper bags. The company purchased an automatic machine with a manufacturing capacity of 100,000 paper bags per day. This helped the firm to grow further and carve its name as a dedicated enterprise in the packaging industry of India. By 2014, the company shifted to Bahadurgarh on a bigger space of 50,000 sq/ft.

By the end of 2019, with the continuous support of its vendors and renowned clients such as UNIQLO, AMAZON, DOLLAR TREE, HAYNES, and KHADIMS (to name a few), APL achieved phenomenal revenue growth of 81 percent. Sharing his insights about the future roadmap of the firm, Ajay states, "We are competent enough to work on new products while carrying on with the current ones. So we'll keep innovating, and fulfilling our client's demands. Furthermore, in order to sustain and enhance our relationship with our customers and to have a better interaction with them, we are in the process of implementing ZOHO CRM. Apart from that, our constant endeavour will be to keep the personalized touch, top to bottom customization and tailored packaging which is our forte always intact".

Ajay Goyal, CEO
A dedicated ,dynamic entrepreneur, Shri Ajay is a thorough professional with 40+ years of extensive experience in the packaging industry He is adept at guiding, managing and handling all the operations within the organization.
Head Office: Delhi
Offerings: Simple Brown Kraft Paper Bags, S.O.S Bags, Pinch Bottom Bags, Merchandise Bags, Euro Tote Bags, Bakery Bags, Party Bags, Mailing Bags and much more