Agarwal Estates: Anchoring the Real Estate Industry with Trust & Transparency

   Manoj Agarwal, Director- Sales & Leasing

Manoj Agarwal

Director- Sales & Leasing

In the present times, where companies are prompted to seek smart and artificial intelligence-based technologies across advanced & emerging economies, residential/commercial real estate or property management industries are no different. Leaving no stone unturned, owing to satisfy the demands of the booming rental market and housing facilities/space, PropTech and Real Estate management companies are overhauling this formerly unorganized sector, providing ecstatic property deals & real estate services. And, one such Indian real estate service provider is Agarwal Estates a one-stop, all solutions platform offering varied real estate services.

Entrenched on the bedrock of trust and transparency, Agarwal Estates is the ideation of Manoj Agarwal, an NRI IT Executive, who realized the unorganized state of the realestate sector during his shift back to India in 2012. He founded the company to become the change he desired to see in the real estate sector. Pawan Sharma, DirectorSales &Leasing at Agarwal Estates, remarks, "It's an established fact that the Real Estate sector in India is in turmoil and unorganized with innumerable agents and brokers swamping the industry with their dishonest and unprofessional outlook to doing business, but it can't also be denied that there are still some genuine agents who strive to lead the clients delivering ethical and reliable property related services. However, along the way, they are too misjudged".

The amount of disorganization in the real estate industry motivated Manoj to start his own venture with a strict emphasis on processes, subject matter expertise, an unconventional approach of the KEY: Knowledge Empowers You! Series where the customer makes informed decisions, thereby redefining trust from day one. Having acquired an ISO 9001:2015 certification, the organization ensures unparalleled efficient processes; from buying, selling, and renting to property management, commercial real estate, and also allied services. Reflecting on the company's dynamism, Pawan Sharma mentions, "We do everything under the sun to make our customer's journey in real estate hassle-free and smooth. Our emphasis on leading the customers to make informed decisions separates us from the rest. Also, we follow an Employee First policy wherein we overlook our employee's well being and keep it prime".
The diverse services portfolio of the real estate arena Agarwal Estates caters to include, Residential Real Estate Sales and Property Management, Commercial Real Estate, Interiors, Home Loan, and other related services. Under the Property Management head, Agarwal Estates becomes the virtual tenant of the owner, assisting them in the process of finding suitable tenants, while managing their property hasslefree. "Our specialized processes for buying and selling enable us to close deals in record times.

Apart from these, we also offer commercial real estate services, including fractional commercial real estate, where you can become a commercial property owner at a fraction of the cost through shareholding. Be it plumbing or pest control, or more, we have allied services, to serve every need a customer might have. We conduct routine inspections to ensure that the property is in good shape and we also carryout maintenance work to keep the property safe and up to standards. We have a constant communication stream with the owners to put their worries at ease", adds Pawan.

We do everything under the sun to make our customer's journey in real estate hassle-free and smooth. Our vision is to change the perception of Real Estate services in India. All we need is your Autograph !

Moreover, its widely devised KEY series: Knowledge Empowers You! helps one make informed decisions. Its credence in subject matter expertise is handed over entirely unfiltered to clients, ensuring clients remain the leaders of their own journey. The client's testimonials are a significant plus that depict the standardization of the quality services delivered to clients without compromising on any important facets of the firm's services. Ethics holds utmost value for Agarwal Estates. Vinayak Hungund, one of Agarwal Estates client says, "Recently I had an opportunity to interact with and avail the services of Manoj in his Real Estate business. I was looking for a tenant for my house in CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore. Though this looks like a very ordinary transaction, I must say the professionalism with which Manoj and his team helped with this was noteworthy. I got a tenant from a reputed MNC, but the whole process of understanding my requirements, the prospective tenants' requirements, the documentation needed for a company lease was efficiently done by the firm". Quite evidently, a client's anxieties end with Agarwal Estates from day one in concordance to their motto, All we need is your Autograph!

Road Ahead
Having successfully served global clientele who have properties across the metropolitan city of Bangalore, Agarwal Estates has established its stature in the industry by leveraging its decades old experience in the real estate sector. It further plans to continue growing with customer-centric approach around its services. Currently, there are many mile stones in its pipeline that are there to add to its client service effectiveness. After having pioneered efficient digital signatures in agreements, Agarwal Estates is moving to automate its agreements entirely amongst other processes leaving no room for error towards customer service and ultimately changing the perception of Real Estate services in India.