Agarwal Estates: Offering Real Estate Services with Trust & Transparency at its Core

Manoj Agarwal,  Co-Founder & CEO

Manoj Agarwal

Co-Founder & CEO

While almost all industries saw a decline due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, real estate was one of those verticals which were most adversely affected due to the pandemic. Given the host of uncertainties Covid brought with it, people were very much hesitant of investing in real estate properties, thus pushing the industry to an all-time low. However, things have improved in recent times. According to IBEF, the Indian real estate market which stood at $200 billion in 2021 is expected to contribute 13 percent to the country’s GDP and hit the $1 trillion mark by 2030. Population explosion, rapid urbanization, and increased awareness among today’s youth about the various advantages of investing in real estate have some of the key factors that are driving the industry to its full-form glory.

While a large number of people are investing hefty monies in Indian real estate, this also comprises many NRIs who do not reside in India but have invested in the properties here. This poses a major challenge to them, as it is a tiresome process to maintain a property from a distant, foreign land. As a result, real estate services such as property management are in great demand in recent times. Agarwal Estates is one company that has created a niche for itself in the market through its profound domain knowledge and clear understanding of all the intricacies involved in the real estate services business.

Based in Bangalore, Agarwal Estates was founded in 2012 by Manoj Agarwal (Co-Founder & CEO), who has over two decades of experience in the IT industry across India and the US regions. After having spent a decade in the US, when Manoj returned back to India, he had to face many unpleasant experiences pertaining to real estate services in India. Thus, having seen firsthand how unorganized the sector is in India, Manoj incepted Agarwal Estates a vision to change the perception of Real Estate services in India.

“As an investor of a property in the US and later having settled in India, I was able to
analyze India & US markets, mark their differences in quality, and deemed fit to appropriate the ‘good’ in the Indian market. Ethics, commitment, and transparency in real estate were among other factors that disappointed me and led me to incept a real estate venture adopting a humane approach in the Indian real estate services market that is now a pioneer in steadily building an organized sector”, says Manoj Agarwal, Co- Founder & CEO, Agarwal Estates.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Agarwal Estates has today evolved into a one-stop shop for all real estate services. Its service portfolio includes Property Management, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Interior Design, Home Loans, and other allied services such as painting, electric meter transfer, tax, and many others. Treating customer satisfaction as paramount, the company has embodied trust and transparency at the core of all its service offerings the two foundations that lacked in the unorganized sector of Real Estate.

Always ready to go that extra mile to fulfill clients’ every demand, Agarwal Estates customizes its services in the most efficient way possible, thus saving its clients’ time & justifying their dependability on it

While maintaining and providing care to a property are unarguably the two most important aspects of property management, it may not be feasible for clients to oversee one or multiple properties at a time. This is where Agarwal Estates comes into the picture. The company considers Property Management as its main flagship offering, wherein it offers a suite of services that include guaranteed rental, utility payments, digital property inspection reports, background verification of tenants, digital signature, basic maintenance, pest control, and chimney cleaning, to name a few. Additionally, it also offers a host of benefits to both tenants and property owners such as professional flat management, basic repair & maintenance, ontime security deposit refund, clearly written deductions in agreement, tenant management, and legally secure contracts, to name a few.

Always ready to go that extra mile to fulfill clients’ every demand, Agarwal Estates customizes its services in the most efficient way possible, thus saving its clients’ time and justifying their depend ability on it. Additionally, the company acts as a Virtual Tenant for timely rent payments and corresponding Virtual Owners for the sub-tenant to take care of all property-related issues. Currently, Agarwal Estates comprises a 50-member strong team led by Manoj, wherein every member is trained by ICF-certified coaches to reach their maximum potential.

“We, at Agarwal Estates, have evolved from a juncture wherein we would have eventually transformed from honest to immoral consultants, owing to the typical nature of the sector. We have accomplished this substantial goal by investing in our mission – ‘Trust Redefined’; we proffer transparency that reduces the need to trust altogether. This has made us pioneers of an organized real estate service platform in India. It is our belief that if we share all information and involve our customers at every step of the transaction, the more they will know, and as a result, there will be lesser scope created to build trust in the first place. We have invested heavily in process improvement and have successfully organized our services in an unorganized sector”, concludes Manoj.