AKAS Infusions: ISO Certified Brand, Driven By the Motto of Delivering Quality

Arjunsooraj,   CEOThe Indian Medical Equipment industry has always been under the shadows of foreign products. We have long remained as buyers and importers. At times, we endeavour to produce clones, while the healthcare sector demands quality solutions. With that said, there are only a handful of medical equipment manufacturers who have been trying hard to create a niche for themselves in the industry and proudly vouch for Make in India. Among them, AKAS Infusions has been leaping the extra mile to make sure that they attain sustained success while providing the best to the healthcare segment. As India’s largest manufacturer of Syringe Infusion pumps, AKAS Infusions (erstwhile AKAS Medical Equipment) has been able to make a name for itself by building a positive reputation in the industry. Today, it is marching ahead with a motive to offer world-class medical equipment.

Under the stewardship of Arjunsooraj, the company focuses on developing and delivering drug delivery technology by pivoting on Total Stakeholder Involvement. Since 1996, AKAS is known for its high standards and premium quality in the niche of Infusion Equipment. The market leader believes that quality of care is the key component of the right medical services.

It is an ISO 9001:2000 certified critical care equipment Company, manufacturing Drug Delivery devices such as Volumetric Infusion and Syringe Infusion pumps for hospitals and medical institutions. AKAS Infusions currently holds around 15 percent market shares in the domestic market while exporting to various European and Arabian countries as well. Moreover, the company has embraced environmental responsibility and conservation of energy to produce its products.

A Unique Path Travelled So Far
Arjunsooraj plunged into entrepreneurship when he was just 24 years old. The young engineering graduate was intrigued by the dynamic healthcare industry and founded AKAS with a passion for manufacturing sophisticated engineering components. He leveraged his tech prowess to make a change in the healthcare segment.It was a result of a futuristic thought that India would one day be a self-reliant manufacturer and exporter of all medical equipment. He believed that Medical and Engineering combined would enable the
globe to move towards prosperity. Arjun’s vision coupled with the guidance of his elder brother prompted the first step towards shaping India’s medical equipment landscape.

“What began in a small garage has grown exponentially today. We have scaled our exports to 15+ countries, while consistently exceeding customer experience. In the last 25 years since inception, we have over 10000+ customers and over 50000+ products installed. With a family of over 200 employees, we are fully dedicated to improving ICU care and patient care in the area of drug delivery and fluid management", Arjun remarks.

The simple yet prominent factors that give a competitive edge to AKAS is the Trust, Consistency, and QUALITY

At present, AKAS owns two factories, one in Tiruchirapalli and one in Chennai; catering to varied customers from those who seek high-end sophistication and wireless connectivity to quick installation and value for money. Alongside the progressive growth graph, AKAS Infusions recently launched a Urine Output Monitoring device and Fluid balance Monitoring.

What’s Ahead?
The company is deriving the route to offer the best for its customers at an impeccably economical price with the best quality product. For achieving universal coverage, it is delivering medical equipment that meet essential quality criteria. Arjun has been supervising AKAS’ achievements along with the high-performing team who are now aiming to be the No. 1 global leader in Syringe and Infusion pumps.

With strong R&D, AKAS is producing state-of-the-art devices such as Terumax Rx syringe pump and Infumax Infusion pump that are CE approved. The company boasts of a continuously growing customer-oriented channel partner network that spans across India and overseas; serving both government and private sectors.

More than a Manufacturer
Beyond being a leading manufacturer of medical equipment, AKAS looks at itself as an accountable and responsible employer. “We respect inclusion & diversity; our hiring, employment and business decisions are never based on any discrimination. Diversity and equal opportunity are both a part of our philosophy and important elements of our success in the industry. Our diverse workforce is one of our greatest assets, thereby, enhancing our reputation as a preferred employer", informs Pavithra Krishnamoorthy, Assistant Manager of Human Resources at AKAS Infusions.

AKAS’ quality relies on the flexibility and teamwork of its members. With carefully pooled team members and structured training, the company has built a workforce that is multi-skilled, flexible and committed to the brand’s vision.

Staying compliant with all safety protocols, AKAS is dedicated to maintaining a safe working environment for its people under the vigilance of supervisors. At AKAS, there is no place for addictive substance abuse, intimidation, violence or harassment.