Allmpus Laboratories: Blending Science & Innovation to Deliver Competitive Solutions

Harishchandra Rodge,   Founder It has been decades since India has dominated the generic drugs industry but it is still missing the boat when it comes to revamping the sector in the impurity synthesis and biosimilars market. Allmpus, unlike its Dombivli neighbours cultivating brand-name generics, emerged as the first to flood the market with 5000+ new impurity standards. The firm is relatively new in the pharmacopoeia impurity manufacturing business. It started six years ago in 2013 and was quick to earn its standing in the pharmaceutical sector for the quality of drug supplies. The crude manufacturing expertise and practical hacks acted as the catalyst for Allmpus to pioneer the drug market with impurity business.

Today, Allmpus Laboratories enjoys a perpetual monopoly across the sector catering to impurity services for global pharma institutions. Its drive for innovation has completely transformed the umbrella approach towards drug discovery. The firm is emerging as a true gem in challenging the practices of the new drug for India.

The Ignitors
It would be rather pleasing to call it `An Atish-Mona foundry' instead of Allmpus. Atish aka Harishchandra Rodge and Mona as Mona Atish Rodge (Directors of Allmpus )were the first to spark the idea of transforming Olympus Chemicals &Fertilizers into an impurity lab. It created a perfect opportunity for the two to scrum down the innovation challenge while the rest of the business took off like a spontaneous chain reaction.

Atish says, "When we started Allmpus in 2013, we had two main visions, one is to cater drug standards for topline pharma companies and two, along with global expansion, we will widen the employment scope for talented pharma graduates in India". For someone who would follow the current growth of Allmpus, would admit that Atish is gifted with an extraordinary prescience. A homegrown chemical laboratory with bare minimum amenities, it has matured into a 6000 sq feet R& D facility walked by 45-50 pharma experts right at the heart of an industrial township.

A True Pioneer
Developing new impurity standards had always been an expensive affair. Many pharma startups aiming for a drug discovery core deviated from the main goal due to financial constraints, but Atish managed to turn the table with a smart move. One that withholds a vision for drug discovery, took a
trading-first approach. It started importing pharmacopeia standard impurities from abroad and supplied it to the needy drug market of India.

This generated enough revenue for Rodges to shine up their facilities and laboratories, patent the first line of product, start production and emerged as the sole supplier of standard impurities in India. With time it soon reached the global shores and Allmpus was the nation's first and among the few to supply highquality pharmacopoeia impurities. Today,Allmpus Laboratories is the leading manufacturer of Azithromycin, Erythromycin and Clarithromycin impurities and has been ruling the market for the past five years.

Product Lines & Services
Since its inception, Allmpus had been patenting at least three to four of its best molecules every year. This created a huge trust base among the buyers and since then Allmpus had been the best option for impurity services in the pharma sector. Instead of marketing bulk finished products, it caters for business-to-business services where it offers drug development and project support services for API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) development, formulation and tablet manufacturing businesses.

Allumpus actively engages in research, production, and distribution of pharmacopoeia impurities for the topline pharma industries following proper impurity standards and reference standards. As a trusted supplier, it engages in brewing drug substances, excipients, reportable impurities, and drug-related products for companies like Lupin, Cadilla, SunPharma, Mankind, Eli Lilly and all pharmaceutical companies covering India and abroad.

The developed impurities are evaluated with a series of pharmacopoeial assays to study the drug stability. Under special requests, Allmpus also provides study support to derive assay results for long-term effects of temperature, moisture and others on refined pharma products. It had been successful in developing a few critical impurities, exclusive in the Indian market and marketed nationally and abroad.

"Right now we have 40-50 varieties of molecules that are only available with us and our total product range is more than 5000, among them 30-40 liquid molecules that are exclusive to Allmpus. That is the basis of how we are expanding in the field of new drug discovery and formulation ", Atish added.

Challenging the Non-Believers
Some say that drug discovery in the pharma sector falls short of collaborative aim. Either it suffers wide disconnects between academia and industry, otherwise, it lacks product common knowledge or mature facilities to dock the best reactions. Well, the wave of incompetence could not retard the rise of Allmpus.

Atish stated the expansion plan for Allmpus saying, "We are currently working on the formulations for some new drugs and recipes that we are about to release in the next 2-3 months within the last quarter of 2022. Furthermore, we also have plans to start off another 7000 sq feet research unit in the next 6-7 months".

The success of Allmpus reflects the upcoming growth of India's pharmaceutical industries. The residing opportunities to grow, uplink and expand are plenty and are awaiting heed. The examples of victorious orgs might be few and Allmpus steals the spotlight by becoming the 'One of a kind' in the booming pharma valley of India.