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R. Mohanasundaram,Managing Director

R. Mohanasundaram

Managing Director

The Indian dairy industry plays an important role in reducing global poverty, creating job opportunities for women and providing rural households with a daily source of income. In addition, landless and impoverished farmers are actively involved in dairy farming as an important means of subsistence in developing economies.

A company that was established in 1984 by R. Mohanasundaram as a cycle vendor with only rupees 750 capital, Amirthaa Dairy is now a successful organization and one of the major dairies in Tamil Nadu state that handles a large volume of milk in an absolutely programmed plant with strict sanitary practices. Amirthaa Dairy was the first company in Tamil Nadu to introduce full cream milk solely for the tea shops, which was another feather added to their achievement hat. R. Mohanasundaram, Managing Director, Amirthaa Dairy says, "Our Amirthaa Dairy products are a favourite among Tamil Nadu households and a venture that was set up with a minimal investment that now earns turnover in crores. We ensure that, by complying with the rules of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), non-adulterated and healthy milk is supplied from farmers to end users. `Quality milk and milk products from farmer to end-user as per FSSAI norms is our USP'."

The main items manufactured and offered by Amirthaa Dairy are various types of milk, curd, paneer, butter , ghee, dairy whitener, and flavored milk products also, Amirthaa Dairy follows a policy to retain the `Promise of Freshness' by reducing the supply time from bringing in the products of the farmer before it hits the clients without breaking the cold chain. And they adapt five levels of stringent quality control at the level of the farmer, the chilling center and the quality control of the main dairy before unloading milk, the quality control of the finished goods before shipping, and at the level of the dealer, ensuring the quality of the items before selling them to customers. Amirthaa Dairy has a production capacity of five lakh litres of milk per day and has been engineered by milk industry experts and a fully automated PLC Controlled Plant (SCADA System).' We procure two lakh litres of milk daily from 28000 farmers through 1000 Village level collection centers, which is mapped to our seven chilling centres located in Erode, Karur, Mangalapuram, Namakkal, Thalaivasal, Palani and Karmandurai,' adds M Dhayalan, Amirthaa Dairy's Joint Managing Director.

The organisation has integrated various technologies from milk procurement to distribution, the milk analyzers are provided at the 1000 collection points at the village level and the assigned procurement individuals calculate the milk solids, for
which a farmer can get the correct value for their milk given to the company and these data are collected in real time for payment processing.In all these years, in the seven day bill period, Amirthaa Dairy has paid its farmers directly to their bank account without failure. Adding to this, all the milk collected from the village collection centers is obtained through the respective route vehicles through 40-litre aluminium cans at the chilling centers. And it is checked again and chilled to four degrees celsius instantly and the, transported through insulated tanker vehicles to the main milk company.

Later, at the main Dairy, the milk received from chilling centers is again evaluated before unloading to check if there is any damage, adulteration or anything else that may spoil the quality of the products. Good quality milk is unloaded and chilled to 4 degrees Celsius and processed based on the production schedule of the products concerned and through the SCADA system, all these development activities are controlled. All finished products (chilled products such as milk, buttermilk, curd, paneer, butter, khowa) are transferred to the cold room and long-life products such as skimmed milk powder, Dairy whitener, flavoured milk and ghee are kept in the ambient.

At Amirthaa Dairy, all orders are received through the CRM portal of the company, which is integrated into the software of their ERP. The chilled products are loaded into the puff-insulated reefer vehicles after receiving the order and sent to different locations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. And in West Bengal, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, and many other regions, Amirthaa Dairy has an excellent business presence.

Amirthaa Dairy was recognized as the `Best to Make Use of the NABARD Milk Output Subsidy Scheme' and was awarded in 2008 as `Best Entrepreneur of Erode District in the MSME group' and the company also has various accreditations such as FSSAI, AGMARK and BIS, it is also an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 accredited company. "Our revenue last year was around 400 crores and we have set a target of achieving a turnover of 1000 crores by 2025. We currently have around 10 product variants and are preparing to introduce 5 additional new products by the end of next year. We have a market share of 60 percent in the commercial market and 40 percent in the domestic market. Our future target is to raise by 80-90 percent our domestic share," concludes M Aravind Kumar, Executive Director, Amirthaa Dairy.

At Amirthaa Dairy, All Orders Are Received Through The CRM Portal Of The Company, Which Is Integrated Into The Software Of Their ERP

R. Mohanasundaram, Managing Director
He founded Amirthaa Dairy in 1984 with the aim to produce fresh and high-quality dairy products.
Office: Erode
Offerings: Dairy Products