Anatomy Media Integrated: An Ad Agency that Provides Unique & Customised Solutions

  Prem R. Narayan,   Managing Director

Prem R. Narayan

Managing Director

A recent report published by Dentsu International says that the Indian ad agency market will remain the fastest growing in the world over the next two years. India, with its developing economy, is providing advertisers with numerous growth opportunities, along with expanding media channels. The major factors driving this market growth are rapid urbanisation, growing acceptance of technology, and favourable government regulations in the region. Economic growth has also led to an increase in consumer spending power, producing a consumer conscious and affluent brand. Also, in the last five years, it has been seen that the print media is slowly dying. Further, increasing penetration of smart phones and the internet in the country is encouraging the use of digital communication, which is anticipated to aid the growth of this industry in India over the forecast period. Mainly, brands are looking for ad agencies that can provide customised solutions as per their needs.

Anatomy Media Integrated is an idea driven, technology enabled, creative advertising agency based in Calicut that provides personalized solutions to its clients. The approach of the agency is quite different from other players in the segment, as it studies the structure of a client's business internally, from within the organisation and externally as a brand, to deliver the solution with purpose. Customer centricity is at the core of Anatomy Media Integrated and it is this belief that has led the business to build long term relationships. “To ensure a positive customer experience, we give prime importance to making available all the services that are of top-notch quality. We build brands that a customer will talk about, carry in their heart, and be proud to associate with” says Prem R. Narayan, Managing Director.
One Stop Solution Provider
The firm has an experienced team of advertising experts who from conceiving insightful ideas to strategic execution, are focused on the target segment to upgrade its clients' businesses through campaigns. The agency provides excellent brand exposure for its product or service through various means of communication with deep clarity and creativity. Anatomy's innovative branding strategies provide client businesses with a personality that reflects the brand's vision. Anatomy Media Integrated provides target group centric solutions to brands. The company believes in a holistic approach to the brand, which effectively communicates various aspects and contributes to the growth of the business.

We have always been the bridge between our client's brand and the public, as well as helping in building a mutually beneficial relationship with customers. Because a brand is the result of customer experience

The agency is known for outstanding creativity and efficiently connects the brand with customers through various digital channels using innovative digital strategies and tactics. From Branding to social media marketing, SEO, SEM, Designs, Films, Animations. its integrated services gear up the growth of businesses. Anatomy Media Integrated shapes its clients' brands through various communication collaterals in every stage that breaks through the clutter. The agency helps brands that are looking forward to a booming introduction into the market and existing ones looking to notch up their sales by giving a fresh brand outlook.

Anatomy Media Integrated believes in consistently moving alongside the global digital scenario, and hence it frequently updates its services and provides the most up to date tactics for brands to prosper digitally. The agency is looking forward to expanding its operations in the GCC countries. Moving forward the company is also aiming to use specialised communication technologies and various mediums to reach potential customers while maintaining an enriched relationship with business entities in the coming years.