Anurag Jain: Coaching Business Owners Supercharge Their Growth With AI Implementation

  Anurag Jain ,   Business Coach

Anurag Jain

Business Coach

Resulting from the demand for professional counsel in a rapidly transforming business environment, the professional coaching sector is experiencing a significant surge in India. Yet, obstacles like maintaining relevance within a perpetually shifting business model while assuring quality in the face of industry expansion persist. Within this intricate realm, Anurag Jain, an influential International Business Leader, excels at bridging critical knowledge gaps. By delving deep into a business’s unique challenges, he unveils hidden issues and offers clarity. With over two decades of experience in business development and consulting, Anurag ventured into a self-built domain, following his passion for business coaching, becoming one of the very rare organizations in India that focuses on AI application for business enhancement.

What started out as a passion through blog posts, gradually evolved into educational courses and one-on-one strategy consulting sessions in the form of Digicrusader. Shunning the one-size-fits-all, Anurag took to crafting tailor-made strategies for each distinct business and its leader. A staunch advocate of AI, he champions its integration, emphasizing value-driven adoption over mere incorporation. His role isn’t one of dictation, but empowerment, enabling leaders to make informed choices. With a proven track record of propelling numerous brands to million-dollar heights, Anurag epitomizes success through empowerment and strategic insights, defining the art of business coaching.

Translating Experience to Solutions
Translating his two decades of experience into viable solutions, Anurag has a proven track record of building and consulting numerous brands, catapulting them to the million-dollar milestone. His expertise spans a wide array of industries, including FMCG, healthcare, fashion, e-commerce, hospitality, and technology. Recognized for customer centric approaches, he is a trained coach and a multi-award winner for outstanding achievements in sales, marketing campaigns, brand launches, business growth, and leadership. This wealth of experience has been the driving force behind the establishment of Digicrusader, where he’s dedicated to utilizing his insights and knowledge to empower businesses and entrepreneurs to reach new heights of success.

While serving as the Director for some of the prominent markets in Asia at Expedia Group, Anurag is also engaged with Digicrusader out of sheer passion for sharing his knowledge to empower entrepreneurs.

Digicrusader is a digital business and AI coaching platform, emerging as a beacon in an era of digital disruption. It goes beyond the ordinary, integrating profound knowledge, tools, and strategies to offer a comprehensive approach to digital entrepreneurship. What sets Digicrusader apart is the strategic integration of AI within its coaching modules, unleashing its power for predictive analytics, automation, and
tailored strategies. Anurag serves as the visionary strategist, infusing every facet of the platform with rich experiences and foresight. Actively curating top-notch content like the Online Business Coaching Course, and the Masterclass on AI, fostering a sense of community, and embracing innovation, he ensures Digicrusader transcends the realms of traditional coaching, embodying a movement empowering businesses to confidently navigate the digital age and AI landscape.

Utilizing this extensive experience, Anurag has developed a unique 30-Day Immersion Masterclass course on AI which aims at helping startups and entrepreneurs harness the transformative power of AI and supercharge their business growth through strategic implementation and usage of AI and digital channels. This comprehensive course delves deep into AI and its transformative potential within the modern business landscape. Tailored for professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders, it offers a meticulously crafted roadmap to harness AI’s capabilities and elevate one’s impact 10x. You can sign up for the new batch starting January on Digicrusader website.

Anurag Jain Is Launching A Game-Changing Ai For Business Masterclass, For Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Startups, Helping Them Build Or Scale Their Business By 10x

The course addresses a prevalent hesitation in the business world regarding AI integration. It shifts the focus from asking ‘Why AI?’ to provide concrete answers on ‘How AI?’ a critical aspect that many aspiring individuals seek to navigate. This structured, step-by-step journey, demystifies AI through practical application and guidance. The course adopts a hands on approach, allowing learners to directly apply the teachings from Anurag’s best-selling book ‘POWERHOUSE’ in real time scenarios. Beyond technicalities, the course emphasizes AI-driven strategies to build, scale, and optimize businesses, covering domains like sales, operations, analytics, customer service, website creation, e-commerce store enhancement, app development, and AI-powered marketing campaigns.

“My vision, at the end of this masterclass, is to not just understand AI but to witness its transformative power on your business firsthand. To move from apprehension to action, from hesitation to implementation, idea to MVP, and from dreaming about success to actualizing it. Together, let us make your business not just a participant in the AI revolution, but a leader, innovator, and a true powerhouse”, shares Anurag Jain.

Anurag’s innovative coaching framework is built on custom strategies developed through personalized SWOT analysis and SMART goal setting, catering to individual needs. The approach emphasizes a mindset shift, aiding in overcoming fears, adopting a growth-oriented outlook, and cultivating resilience. Participants encounter practical challenges reflecting real world scenarios, enriched by constructive feedback for continuous refinement. Community building aspects facilitate networking and create mastermind groups for shared learning experiences. The journey of continuous learning is enriched with state-of-the-art resources and exclusive webinars. Neuro-Linguistic Programming helps reframe mindsets while collaborative platforms boost efficiency. A repository of continuous learning with AI recommended resources rounds off this comprehensive approach, all aimed at fostering positive transformation and empowering individuals and organizations to realize their full potential.

Creating impactful value to each client’s business has been the cornerstone upon which Digicrusader is thriving. Anurag’s extensive journey and the experiences garnered throughout have resulted into the continued success of the firm. With concerted efforts in the coming years, Digicrusader is poised to grow remarkably, becoming the industry leader and go to business coaching partner preferred by entrepreneurs and leaders alike.

Anurag Jain, Business Coach, Digicrusader
Anurag Jain is an alumnus of IIM, Mumbai and a dynamic individual who believes in being at the top. As India’s leading Business Coach with 20 years of experience, he is the current Director - Indian Subcontinent, Indonesia, and Mainland China at Expedia Group. Having won accolades like a Gold Medal in Engineering, Best Selling Author on Amazon for his book ‘Powerhouse – An AI Playbook’, Business Leadership Award for Impact via his coaching platform, and numerous recognitions for his outstanding performance throughout his career across supply chain, sales, marketing, and business leadership, he brings a distinctive set of skills and experiences to guide entrepreneurs and leaders in their business development journey.