Applied Information: A Leading Player Offering an Array of Innovative Solutions to the ITS Sector

 Bryan Mulligan,  President & CEO

Bryan Mulligan

President & CEO

With a projected 7.0 percent CAGR from 2021 to 2028 the magnitude of the international ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)industry, which was estimated at $25,378.2 million in 2020, is predicted to amplify. This demand is anticipated as a result of the growing demand for traffic controlling alternatives, the increasing popularity of smart cars equipped with the latest connected technology featuring the most recent data networks, as well as the enhanced safety and monitoring provided by contemporary cameras and License Plate Recognition(LPR). Further elements that are projected to support the industry's expansion include the expanding quantity of automobiles on the road deteriorating infrastructures and an impending shortage of congestion information management. Since its establishment in 2011, Applied Information has developed into a significant force in the intelligent transportation systems(ITS) market.

A Complete Range of Products
Over 32,000 ITS devices have been deployed by Applied Information in more than 1,000 cities since the time of its inception. The Infrastructure Automotive Technology Laboratory(IATL), a cutting-edge facility in which stakeholders from automotive, technology and traffic industries emerge together to keep developing ITS innovation, has also helped Applied Information to position itself as a global leader in smart transport technology.
All urbanization is plagued by commuter traffic. How long people are prepared to wait during the transportation is a constraining issue. Multi passenger automobiles are the only way to deal with this surge in population. A new transportation system based on technology is about to emerge, and the introduction of technology into this area has the potential to give multi passenger cars prece dence at traffic junctions. "We have to unlock the power of the private sector to develop and deploy innovative solutions to solve society's problems. The government's role is oversight and safety, while a team of governance in the private sector involves creating innovative solutions and outcomes based contracting, which will, in turn, accelerate the pace of change for the better", states Bryan Mulligan, President & CEO of Applied Information.

We have to unlock the power of the private sector to develop and deploy innovative solutions to solve society's problems

Applied Information's main specialties include remote management of school zone flashing beacons, the delivery of emergency vehicular preemption and transit signal priority, where such vehicles are provided priority green lights at traffic intersections, remote communication with ITS devices and provision of connected vehicle applications via their Travel Safely Smartphone application.They are able to reach a development process of roughly 24 hours due to the worldwide allocation of expertise in places like the United States, South Africa, and India. As a result, they are able to speed up development faster than their rivals.

Future Roadmap
"Applied Information's mission statement is to 'Save Lives, Improve Traffic, Drive Commerce, and Help the Environment'. We aim to do this using an internet of things approach, as well as tightly embedded hardware, wireless telematics, and cloud software", further adds Mulligan.

Modern technological platforms, over the-air upgrades, maneuverable platforms, and cloud services enable firms to continuously deploy software upgrades without compromising the end user experience. Applied Information's pluggable modems' modular structure, along with other elements which can be modified, enables the simple updating of both software and hardware as technologies advance. Future upgrades from 4G to 5G technology are one possible example of this, and Applied Information is implementing every possible element of advanced technology to stay ahead in the industry. Technology will assist in providing a better tomorrow for each of us, therefore `Onwards and Upwards' is the motto that Applied Information has adopted for its endeavors in the near future.