Appnext: Mobile Marketing through Unique App Recommendation Engine

Siddharth Shenoy, Country Manager

Siddharth Shenoy

Country Manager

The app marketplace has never been as saturated as it is today. To get an app noticed(let alone installed and used) is both challenging and competitive. App developers must deploy an innovative marketing strategy for their app to be seen and discovered. Appnext, established in 2012 in Tel Aviv by the dynamic trio Elad Natanson, Kfir Cherwinski, and Eran Kariti, offers exactly that.

Appnext uses a patent pending technology to display contextual and personal app recommendations within a myriad of apps and directly on-device. Apps are suggested based on predictive analytics and behavior driven AI technology according to the mobile user’s daily journey.

Siddharth Shenoy, Country Manager for Appnext in India gives us an insight into the feature “We have developed the unique ‘Appnext Timeline’ technology that turns user data into app recommendations by predicting the type of app they are likely to use next based on their habits, past behavior, location and the time of day. This has helped us create a new and unique discovery experience for the users it’s really intuitive”.

Appnext Enters the OEM Arena & Reaches Record Growth
During the past year Appnext made their grand debut into the OEM space, launching a unique technology feature that is embedded directly into the mobile devices of partner OEMs. App recommendations are no longer restricted to being presented in-app, but appear as ‘Apps you may use next’ on prime mobile device real estates the home screen, theme folders, -1 screen and OEM stores. This innovation represents a new layer of app discovery experience, powering recommendations to serve mobile users at 80 percent of their device usage time outside the apps owned by the duopoly of Google and Facebook. The Appnext platform currently serves three billion app suggestions by 60 thousand different apps both in-app and on-device.

The leap fromin-app to on-device app recommendations dramatically increased quality performance and ROI for Appnext’s partnered advertisers. Targeted app suggestions grew substantially as a result currently over 750 million users interact on
average 20 times every day with Appnext app recommendations.

In India alone, Appnext broke a personal best this year with 1.5 billion app recommendations served. They were awarded the title of 3rd most prolific recommendation platform for e-Commerce apps in India in the Apps Flyer Performance Index Report (the industry standard that offers a comprehensive report card on the performance of mobile media sources). An impressive position considering the first spots are held by giants Facebook and Google. AppsFlyer made special mention of Appnext’s shift into the OEM sphere a factor that has undoubtedly catapulted their position ranked No.7 in global growth.

Appnext recommends users of the apps and services they need throughout their daily mobile journeys

Disrupting the Industry Standard Leads to Global Expansion
Appnext strives to create content oriented and relevant mobile advertising that does more than just convert. With this user first mindset Appnext has garnered the support of an impressive portfolio of clients and partners; world renowned publishers, advertisers, OEMs and mobile operators such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, MPL, ShareChat, Booking.Com, Swiggy, Flipkart and PhonePe to name a few.

Appnext provides its clients with an unparalleled self-serve platform that offers uniquely transparent access with a 360° view across the campaign lifecycle. Advertisers benefit from real time insights and have complete control over their campaign, performance and goal tracking. Integrated machine learning(ML) algorithms used as campaign targeting and management tools ensure a winning per formance and superior ROI across each campaign. Moreover the company employs an aggressive zero-tolerance approach against fraud.

The success of Appnext’s business model is fueling rapid global expansion. The company now operates out of eight offices in the US, China, India, Ukraine, Korea, Israel, Cyprus and most recently Indonesia, setting themselves up to be a true heavyweight in the mobile advertising arena.

A Bold Step Into 2020
With the implementation of AI and ML the app marketing industry is on the verge of a major paradigm shift. Gearing-up for this transformation, Appnext has a game plan to develop and expand the company. “Our enhanced version of the recommendation engine that utilizes exclusive on-device app recommendations will help us achieve our goal of powering 3.5 billion daily app suggestions by mid-2020. This upcoming year, we will be concentrating on our engagement efforts reaching new users and re-engaging with our existing ones. We are also working on boosting the revenue growth of our clients by providing a more powerful mobile experience for their end-users,” signs-off Siddharth.

Siddharth is a Technology and Business professional who holds extensive experience in business development and driving market share. He holds deep expertise in mobile and customer experience coupled with a solid technical background, positioning Appnext as a market leader in India

Office Headquarter: Tel Aviv, Israel

Providing a winning app discovery solution via exclusive on-device and in-app placements. Appnext’s recommendations are helping app marketers reach high-intent and engaged users, so their apps get discovered, used and re-used.