Aquapot: A Professional Team With Vast Experience & Expertise In Water Treatment Equipments

Battala Munusamy Balakrishna,FounderThe water purifier is anticipated to foresee a greater demand in the future years as the people are turning health conscious due to increasing disease rate. The Indian residential water purifier market was valued at $391.4 million in 2019 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.3 percent and reach $818 million by 2024.

Started his career as a car washer, later turned into a successful entrepreneur Battala Munusamy Balakrishna established Aquapot RO Technology in 2001. Explaining about the inception story of the company, Balakrishna, the Founder of Aquapot says, "This is a self-established company, I started this company with just 1 lakh 27 thousand investment. I wanted to build a brand of my own by gathering all the marketing experience I have. After I began Aquapot there was no turning back for me as we doubled our turnover every year, in the previous year we had more than 40 percent turnover. Today, Aquapot is one of the top 25 companies in India in the Water Purification Industry. We have developed 15 to 20 sub-brands which have a very good market share and are only available at Aquapot".

Aquapot provides various products for both domestic and commercial purpose. Residential services like dozers, water purifiers named as UV Smart, Bio Smart, Pebble System and more. Under commercial and industrial services the firm offers products and services such as Dosing Pumps, Membrane named as Embran, Mineral RO Plant, RO Chillers, Storage tanks named as Layers, and many more water purifying services. There is a particular brand name for every product delivered by Aquapot.
The USP that makes Aquapot stand out different in this industry, also a reason why most of the customers opt this organization is their Committed Service in the Committed Time. Aquapot service providers set up all the products within 299 seconds, if they exceed that time limit the firm will provide free service, even if the service charges may be in lakhs. This factor creates an assurance among the customers about the company that, Aquapot will offer services in lesser time. Elucidating about their service time Balakrishna asserts, "When a customer buys any product from us, they will be given a toll-free number, an email Id of the dealer, business number and the company's corporate email Id. Through these mediums, our customers can reach us at any time if they face any problems using our products or if they have any enquiries. All the complaints of the customers will be solved within 12 hours."

Aquapot is the Member of Indian Water Quality Association and member of all the water associations in the country. An ISO 9001:2015 Certified, adding to this all the Aquapot products are C Certified. The company carries the license on Importing and Exporting products. Aquapot also has FSSAI license for food-grade plastic products used by the company. The company is present in most of the southern states of the country such as Karnataka, Telangana, Andra Pradesh, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala and some parts of Odisha.

The USP that makes Aquapot stand out different in this industry, also a reason why most of the customers opt this organization is their committed service in the committed time

The Company have come up with one of its first kind product, Solar Water Purifier, which functions in 5 different models which will exclusively run on solar. This product is still under development and is being distributed to various Government Schools in the remote areas, also to help those school students to learn more about Solar Water Purifier concept at a young age. As the product is getting positive feedbacks the company will be launching it soon once the project is completely framed.

"Aquapot has its CSR activities designed, we have adopted more than 15 government schools in different states and are providing safe drinking water facility to the remote and underprivileged villages. Our projects are exhibited under Ministry of Drinking Water Sanitation, New Delhi. We have planned to start more centres under PAN India in the coming years", concludes Balakrishna.

Battala Munusamy Balakrishna, Founder
With just an investment of Rs.2 lakh, Balakrishna turned the company's turnover to Rs.24 crore in a short timeframe.
Office: Hyderabad
Offering: Water purifiers