Arissa India: Bringing Clients' Dream Alive By Guiding Them Through Technological Hindrances

Vinay Venkatesh,Founder & CEO

Vinay Venkatesh

Founder & CEO

We live in an exciting era, where technology is turning the tide of human existence. Organizations across various industries strive to arm their arsenal with the ammo of technology in order to surge ahead of the competition. But it’s easier said than done since today, the technology has grown to an extent where the organizations are grappling to identify their own requirements. Addressing this problem by shouldering the responsibility of understanding client’s business challenges and proposing solutions they truly need is Arissa India, a Bangalore based agency trusted by clients worldwide.

The company guides its clients through the technological hindrances and helps them to pinpoint the stumbling blocks in their business that can be shattered by Arissa India’s high performance technology solutions in order to transform their business goals into reality. By meticulously analysing its client’s requirement & end goal, the company helps them recognize & choose the right technology and defines a process accordingly to design a bespoke solution that would facilitate them to succeed in their strategic initiatives.
Nothing manifests this better than the words of its client Matt Lawrence, CEO, Fox Logistics, who says, “It turned out that the job required more than anticipated, but Arissa India was more than willing to do whatever it took to achieve our goal. They’re an expert in the Hubspot CRM. They go above and beyond the job requirements to deliver great service”. The credit for this praise can be conferred to the vast domain experience of its team leads, the incessant training provided to its employees, and its positive work culture that motivates them to take the responsibility.

Moreover, Arissa India places keen emphasis on keeping a tab on its team’s technical capabilities, since it allows the company to shape up its offerings periodically. “Not all employees will have the same skill levels. And some times, every team is linked to deciding what kind of solution we can provide. Hence, understanding our employees’ capabilities is as much our USP as is understanding client requirements,”
avers Vinay Venkatesh,Founder & CEO, Arissa India. The company takes pride in its people’s straight forward approach, wherein they refrain from squandering client’s time and money by indulging into unnecessary activities. It is this professionalism that has enabled the company to deliver 200+ projects and support over 150 happy clients for more than 30,000 hours all within a short span of two years.

By meticulously analysing its client’s requirement & end goal, Arissa India helps them to recognize & choose the right technology, defines a process accordingly to design a bespoke solution

A One-Stop-Shop
Since several IT organizations(especially the young ones) tend to concentrate on a particular area, clients have to wander from one company to another for solving different pieces of the puzzle. Standing in sharp contrast amidst them, Arissa India offers end-to-end technology solutions in one go by bringing together all the relevant verticals under single roof wherein each vertical is spearheaded by a domain expert. As impressive as that sounds, the company is also committed to using the latest versions of leading enterprise software & applications(like Microsoft app, CRM tools & so forth) that come with cloudbased subscriptions and get updated automatically unlike most young organizations that rely on standalone software applications or online tools.

The dizzying array of IT Solutions provided by Arissa India includes creative designing, administrative support accounting & consulting, HR Solutions, personal virtual assistance, content management, cloud computing database administration, data mining & management, CRM solutions, analytics, sales & marketing, and digital marketing. Arissa India has implemented two layers of Quality Check that assess the solution’s calibre before it goes live, which has enabled the company to maintain 100 percent quality and enhance the customer satisfaction rate. Vinay further enhances these factors by standing as the linchpin of all the IT projects delivered by the team leveraging his 13+ years of experience in the IT industry.

The Wind Beneath its Wings
However, the roots of the success of its IT vertical lie in its continuous training methodology. Constantly sharpening its team’s skills with regular inhouse & external training sessions in latest technologies enables the team to immediately jump on to any new technology that would be the best fit for its client’s requirement and provide an effective solution. Quite often, the experts it invites to hone its people’s skills fall in love with Arissa India’s ethos & work culture and start working on its projects.

Catering to clients from all across the world (Singapore Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa, UK and US), the company doesn’t follow a strict time slot. It is this friendly atmosphere with no strict time slot or rules that make its team feel like the office is their second home. This 50 people strong company(25 full time employees and the rest on contractual basis) is growing its revenue by an astonishing 100 percent on a quarterly basis, and has recently expanded its office to accommodate double of its employee strength. In future it aims to move into its own building and reach greater heights in the IT industry.

Headquarter: Bangalore
Clients: Finder, Richards Mortgage Group, JUUL, Fox Logistics, TETRUS and Prospera Realty to name a few.