Armstrong Capital And Financial Services Pvt Ltd: A Step To Unburden Financial Affairs

Manju Mastakar,Founder & CEO

Manju Mastakar

Founder & CEO

To live the happiest and bondage-free life, one must keep a check on their financial affairs. Ideal financial planning aids in guiding us to have a smooth life journey by monitoring the income, expenses as well as investments and easing the process of attaining one's financial goal. These monetary planning aids in increasing our savings, enhancing our standard of living, keeping us prepared for every expense, and most importantly eliminating financial worries.

Presently, several firms are stepping in to ease the process of financial planning. Headquartered in Bangalore and founded in 2010, Armstrong Capital and Financial Services Pvt Ltd is one such investment management company that gives oversight and strategic management of every aspect of an individual's financial bustle beginning from asset management to financial planning, and risk management retirement planning.

Significance OF Wealth Management
Wealth building begins with the amalgamation of distress to invest and the desire to turn wealthy. Thus, Armstrong aids its clients by initiating an association with a financial plan and tries to offer the ideal solution to clients based on the overall assessment of their existing investments, their risk-taking appetite as well as their long-term financial goals. The firm does not create returns but only creates the discipline in the investors to invest at regular intervals. Its main focus is set on protecting wealth and then follows risk management and lastly past performance. Armstrong completely focuses on its customer's satisfaction, their long-term wealth creation, and protection.

The firm also takes some tough decisions of exiting a fund at that time it feels the most essential while decision making and balancing emotions and performance. The emotional attachment towards a specific stock or fund manager vs the performance. If
it's not returning, if the portfolio has not changed, if the fund manager is not on his feet, the firm would cut it down and take such action and give customers the complete details about the rationale for the decision.

Furthermore, with the rise of fintech companies, being disruptive not always wins ­ but being more adoptive to customers' requirements and developing value for the organization is what succeeds. Embracing the change in technology is much faster and easier than adapting to a change in the business model. In a totally online mode, the balance of power shifts away from the company and moves towards the customer. The core of the business is advice and fintech platforms are not accommodative of that.

The firm emphasizes a lot over research and carries out bottom-up research on the funds and the stocks that are picked. It has various filterers grounded on analytical and various other constraints. The funds that pass through form a part of Armstrong's white list. The firm builds model portfolios for varied kinds of investors. Also, its wealth-building process is an iterative one, braced by a number of plans that estimate the performance over a period of time.

The firm does not create re-turns but only creates the discipline in the investors to invest at regular intervals. Its main focus is set on protecting wealth and then follows risk management and lastly past performance

Customer Satisfaction A Priority!
Earlier advisors would have 30% of the recommendations based on rationales and 70% based on research and analysis. However, over time things have changed; data is easily available and noise about performance or underperformance is easily highlighted. Therefore, Armstrong is transparent and shares its research & analysis, and involves the customer in decision making.

"We intimate our clients very clearly that no wealth manager, fund manager, or promoter of a company could create wealth for them. But, only they could create wealth for themselves by staying invested. The firm encourages customers to think long-term and stop looking and equating the returns to FD, the market would create exponential returns but not lateral returns," says Manju Mastakar, Founder & Director, Armstrong Capital and Financial Services Pvt Ltd.

Armstrong's Success Mantra
Manju says intellectual stimulation has attracted her to this profession, the people she associates with, deep friendships developed through the many roller coaster rides, and the excitement of building wealth. The learning curve has been consistent with something new to learn, and to meet investors, coming up with new solutions.

Over a decade, the firm has been privileged to witness clients grow from retail investors to HNI with a sizable portfolio. It's certainly incredible to be part of the wealth-building journey and witness all the highs, lows, mistakes, and triumphs.