Astrum Electronics: Challenging Traditional Norms with the Perfect Price-Performance Ratio

Manoj Kumar Pansari,Chairman & Managing Director

Manoj Kumar Pansari

Chairman & Managing Director

As the millennial spending is still ramping up alongside the rising disposable income, the Indian consumer electronics industry is enjoying the influx of innovative smart products. However, due to the price sensitive nature of Indian customers, quality takes the back seat to accommodate more aggressive price points. There are companies which offer good quality products but at immoderate costs. Offering the best of both worlds Astrum Electronics has emerged into one of India’s leading smart technology brands by focusing all its energy in breaking down the barriers between innovation, quality & cost of its products.

Walking down the road with a vision of thinking smarter and challenging traditional norms, Astrum has been creating the best smart technology products which serve the purpose of enhancing the way people live. This explains how the company has been delivering high quality & robust yet costeffective electronic products which focus on technological innovations. “We are committed to keep the price competitive so that our products are available to more and more people, who can enjoy and rave the benefits of them,” remarks Manoj Kumar Pansari, Chairman & Managing Director, Astrum Electronics.

Zero Tolerance towards Quality Compromise
Consumer centric R&D being its strength, Astrum, with stark focus on the price performance ratio, has deployed over 700+ products(mobile accessories, smart lifestyle products IT peripherals & cables, Audio, Video, LED light and many more) across multiple categories, which compete with various leading brands in India. “With a zero tolerance for compromising product quality and constant endeavors to keep raising our bar on quality control, we aspire to offer robust reliable and affordable products to the Indian market,” asserts Manoj.

Each product of Astrum comes with hallmark quality, which is an assurance of quality and guarantee. Astrum passed a stringent and comprehensive audit covering key sectors, various core criteria and 200+ compliance indicators to get quality certification. Recognizing the company’s continued commitment to manufacturing high quality products that meet customer satisfaction, International Trade Council (ITC) a global peakbody Chamber of Commerce, has certified Astrum with the illustrious Quality in Business Certification. “We appreciate the support of each business channel partner, supplier & our staff for achieving this milestone. This boost us further to continue our efforts to improve our quality standards,” proclaims a grateful Manoj.
The company that keeps a tab on consumer’s demand & need and offers the best quality in moderate pricing also takes cognizance of the diverse nature of the Indian channel when devising its distribution strategy. Having dedicated regional distributors with a defined focus on brick & mortar channel & online Astrum’s products get distributed into multiple channels such as mobile retailers, IT dealers, gift channel and through online market places.

With a zero-tolerance for compromising product quality and constant endeavors to keep raising our bar on quality control we aspire to offer robust, reliable and affordable products to the Indian market

A very channelfriendly company, Astrum strongly believes in expanding its reach by growing with its channel partners and considers them as staunch allies to its brand image. Striving to further strengthen its channel network, the company has undertaken several training camps on ‘new technology' in India that facilitate two way communication which also helps Astrum to understand the customers’ needs which becomes the firsthand information. As this pathway is a longterm association for the brand, the company is also working on several channel friendly schemes & policies. “Having established our presence in Maharashtra Orissa, Assam, Bihar, UP, MP, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Kerala, we keep every employee updated on latest trends & technologies via our inhouse marketing & PR team,” proclaims Manoj.

b>The Road Ahead
The company has joined hands with NVIDIA Inception program as a community member for its next project for enhancing its ability to access faster, smarter automation and more with accurate insights. “Our upcoming R&D of products will include deep learning, AI technology and data science to support the core elements of Astrum R&D’s AI offerings. Alongside, our R&D centre will craft next level AI technology globally with a vision to grow smarter in the technology segment. The collaboration with NVIDIA will be used on all platforms by end of the year,” divulges Manoj.

Having built a habit to constantly expand its product categories, Astrum has recently revamped its entire range of audio & mobility products and is also adding quite a few products to its Smart Category. Astrum is also keen on developing its sales strategies to market itself in 360-degree exposure and mark its presence in General Trade, OT/LFR, e-Commerce & Corporate. Having established 1500+ authorized service centers nationwide, the company targets to double this number by next six months.

Already up and live with Amazon, Astrum will soon be in all major outlets such as Reliance, Croma, Vijay Sales & so forth, and also intends to take Width of Distribution growth to 10,000 numbers by March. The facility is also going to cater to its global markets and will abide by its stringent quality standards. Taking such long strides, Manoj forecasts that Astrum will surely make 400 percent growth in India to measure its strong sales achievements.

CMD of Astrum he is a first generation entrepreneur and also the visionary in the true sense. Under his leadership, Astrum has grown into a company whose goal is to break down the barriers between people & technology. Maintaining the principle of creating one’s own roadmaps, he is attributed as one of the Industry leaders. His key vision for Astrum is to think smart & challenge the norm by creating exceptional products. Enthusiastic about growth, Manoj is a unique combination of business expertise and a creative mind.

Location: Andheri East (Mumbai)

Offerings: 700+ products including mobile accessories, smart lifestyle products, IT peripherals & cables, Audio, Video, LED light and many more

Awards & Recognition:Leading New Technology Brand at the 10th Edition of DT Awards 2019