Attainix Consulting: Bringing Value Proposition to Businesses through Premium Advisory Services on Intellectual Capital

Abhijit Talukdar, Founder
Abhijit Talukdar, Founder

Intangible assets are becoming more important than tangible assets in the present knowledge-based, service-
oriented economy. In the third millennium, an ideal enterprise conducts business in a virtual market space on the internet and customers are serviced, tracked and marketed to via a myriad of technology. Employees don’t have to be physically present at workplace every day as they communicate with managers through computers and networks. Likewise, the trade marks, which represent the enterprise and its identity, can have more value than its factories. If these computer systems, trademarks, e-mail, employees or the knowledge of how to use technology are removed, then the third millennium enterprise can’t function effectively. Thus, packed together under the umbrella of Intellectual Capital, the value of these intangible assets is regarded as one of the most significant possessions of an enterprise, today. A SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, Abhijit Talukdar was quick enough to spot the changing implications of Intellectual Capital in the current knowledge era and set up Attainix Consulting to help companies and enterprises use Intellectual Capital as a tool for raising funds for enhanced business growth.

“Intellectual Capital is the elixir for businesses in this information age. Those businesses that focus their energies on developing their
Intellectual Capital find that they
have established a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Acknowledging this, Attainix Consulting provides advisory services that enable retail and private investors alike to assess the Intellectual Capital of the underlying business before making their investment decisions,”tells Abhijit Talukdar, Founder of Attainix Consulting. Attainix Consulting is a premier provider of investment management services based on the Intellectual Capital of Companies. At present, they offer services for two specific applications of Intellectual Capital – raising growth capital and stock advisory. “Our first service is targeted at growth oriented businesses as well as PE/VC funds. The second service is targeted at high net worth retail investors (and in the future institutional investors)in both India and the USA. The premise of both these services is the same – use Intellectual Capital assessment to find whether a business is worth investing. This is our core competency.”Abhijit added.

"Attainix Consulting provides advisory services that enable retail and private investors a like to assess the Intellectual Capital of the underlying business before making their investment decisions"

Incepted in 2007, the firm’s services are categorized into three - icAdvisor, icFunding and icValue and identified as one-of-its-kind in the industry. Delineating more on their peculiar services, Abhijit reveals, “Our icAdvisor stock advisory service uses Intellectual Capital to discover quality stocks bases on the investor’s risk profile. Through our online tool called icTrackerTM, we calculate the EVA® and Knowledge Basis of the stock. To prove the accuracy of this unique approach, we did a back-testing of our algorithm for
both Indian and US markets. The results are published on our website and they show that we outperformed the corresponding benchmarks handsomely in both markets over the long term(10 years). In US markets the out performance was more than 200 percent and in Indian markets it was more than a staggering 300 percent. Further, we update the back testing results every quarter and have been seeing the outperformance results consistently.”

Being an exceptional investment advisory firm, Attainix Consulting had both first mover advantage as well as entry barriers in the market. Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses; the same applies for Abhijit Talukdar and his brainchild, Attainix Consulting. Interestingly, the firm overcame all challenges and has become a strong player in capital market. Abhijit states, “The major factor that contributes to our growth is our ability to quantify the basis for delivering our advisory service. Plus we have made it public.The Intellectual Capital of more than 570 Indian businesses and over 200 leading US businesses are been tracked on our website and updated every quarter. If you see the Capital Markets today, whether in India or abroad, you will not find a single analyst who uses this methodology for discovering investment ideas. This gives our clients a certain amount of confidence that we make diligent efforts to remain on top of our game always.” While pointing out the company’s success, Mr. Abhijit Talukdar also mentions their plans for future. “We want to grow both horizontally and vertically. Horizontally means addressing other capital markets like UK, for instance. Vertically means targeting additional Clients such as Institutional Investors and PMS fund managers and aim to be the top most investment management service provider in the market.”