Attrait Solutions: Making RoI the Digital Marketing Destination Again

Rohit Gupta, Partner, Adnan Ali, Partner,   Murtaza Husain, PartnerThe digital realm is constantly and rapidly changing. With more and more brands beginning to realize just how effective the pay-per-performance marketing channels can be, it's not only the market size that's on an upsurge (expected to hit $335 billion globally by 2020), but also the organizations digital requirements and challenges. However, RoI is the name of the game. Going that extra mile to ensure the result, the RoI, and leaving no stone unturned en route have been the rationale behind Nagpur-based Attrait Solutions becoming one of the leading and fastest growing digital marketing agencies.

Unlike many of its competitors who try to fit clients into their crate of offerings rather than addressing the core digital requirements, Attrait tailor makes its offerings according to its customers' requirements. Be it any digital service ranging from preliminary promotional & advertising services to affiliate marketing & lead generation, and from web hosting & designing to photoshoot & cataloging, the company serves your digital needs on a silver platter. The 90 percent client retention history of this decade-old company stands a strong testament to this.

The Recipe of Loyal Clients
”Our clients stick to us for a pro longed period of time because all our endeavors are based on the results and our wide network is a bonus in the process. In addition, it's also instrumental the way we preserve the trust factor and transparency. Be it the strategy or the cost structure, we detail them meticulously," asserts Murtaza Husain, Partner, Attrait Solutions. Murtaza's words make great sense as Attrait always starts off on the right foot by coming up with a strategy and explaining how that's going to work out for the client, even before the enrollment. For example, in the case of e-Commerce beginners, the company acquaints them with different guidelines(like content guidelines, image guidelines & keyword analysis) for listing their products, in addition to helping them with pricing their products with the help of in depth competitive analysis of similar range of products. In other words, Attrait provides consultation for free.

"Transparency is another predominant aspect of our relationship. Clients never like surprises in terms of additional cost. For instance, if we market a product that has repeat customers for at least two-to-three years, we explain to them how the customer acquisition cost is not based on the first purchase. If a product costs Rs.100, over a period of two years, the revenue potential for the company is Rs.2400. We make them understand these things," he adjoins.
Above all, Attrait only engenders data driven strategies, before executing them the 'cutting-edge technology' way. It uses advanced tools to automate the process of identification of effective marketing channels and purchase behavior, which have proven to be a great boon in terms of optimizing the end result. One of the recent examples is the way Attrait generated admissions for an educational institute that commenced a new course. It was quite impressive the way the company cracked the pattern of its target audience using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Driven by the data and through an automated process, the company conveyed the story more effectively, which culminated in not only more leads, but also great savings in terms of time and cost for the company as well as the institute.

Unlike many of its competitors who try to fit clients into their crate of offerings rather than addressing the core digital requirements, Attrait tailor-makes its offerings according to its customers' requirements

Data is the New Oil
Came into existence a decade ago, Attrait over the years has manifested an impressive growth trajectory, clocking around 20-30 percent growth year after year. In the process, the company has also been highly successful in developing a partner ecosystem that encompasses Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff & Bluehost not to mention its relationship with hot marketplaces including Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Paytm. It connects the organizations to these large enterprises, adding a pinch of human touch. Going forward, Attrait is well aware of the data revolution on the go and is constantly mining and analyzing data to churn out actionable insights and thus further optimize the results.

Case Study:
Started in 2012, Radisson Blu is a contemporary business hotel with five star amenities and 200+ rooms. Task at hand was to spread the word, and drive in business through search engine optimization. In its endeavor to render a solution, Attrait targeted major search engines through `Key word positioning' and worked up to link Nagpur's strategic political position and proximity to Tiger reserves with Radisson Blu, thus making it an ideal stay over place for business persons & families out on an adventure trail. The result was overwhelming as the traffic and leads were increased by 80 percent and 75 percent respectively. Attrait succeeded in creating an average of over 35,000 impressions per month.

(R)Murtaza Husain, Partner
A cynic at profession but a firm believer in humanity. Murtaza believes in questioning the status quo and finding conclusions using data. In his words "There is no better story teller than data".

(L)Rohit Gupta, Partner
He builds his ideologies on numbers and relates it with superbly focused cause-effect based online business strategies. He is a strong believer in simplifying communication using numbers, and leveraging technology till the last mile. In his words data and technology driven online marketing plans need to be efficient, accurate and precise to be effective!

(M) Adnan Ali, Partner
He has an energetic and magnetic personality who believes that the real investment is in human capital. He believes that people are simple and hence the strategies meant to target them should be simple for them to believe.

Office: Nagpur

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