Automation Cloud Solutions: A Step Ahead with Seamless Cloud Based Banking Solutions

Jagadeesh Rama, Founder,  Lokesh Naikap, Founder

Jagadeesh Rama, Founder

Lokesh Naikap, Founder

The advent of the pandemic has accelerated the use of the internet and the use of technology which as a result has propelled cloudbased platforms. In keeping with the time, every sector is evolving technologically and that also holds true for the banking industry. The industry has witnessed a robust combination of technology and financial instruments to cater to instantaneous needs of the public 24 x7. Among the companies which offer cloudbased banking solutions, Automation Cloud Solutions is leading the space in the co-operative sector. The growth in the cooperative sector has been remarkable and Automation Cloud Solutions has been ably rendering services to the community with the incorporation of cloud-based banking solutions.

Offering Modern Solutions
Founded in 1999 at Mangalore by Lokesh Naikap and Jagadeesh Rama, Automation Cloud Solutions started humbly as “Atheeth Info Tech’ and launched ‘Co-Bank’, an initiative to automate the co-operative banking sector which was an untouched business sector at that time. In 2019, the company grew to be a fully fledged limited company with an equal share capital to upgrade to the Cloud era with Cloud solutions. Automation Cloud Solutions has also been at the forefront in providing solutions in manufacturing, education and e-Commerce markets garnering the prestigious ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. With the tagline as ‘Realizing ideas’, the company has come a long way from its fledgling status to now having presence in 28 districts in Karnataka and one in Kerala.

They also have other service wings which include Cloud Backup Solutions, Website Design and Development, e-Commerce Solutions, Core Banking solutions for small and growing co-operative societies, Credit Unions, Microfinance Institutions, Mobile Apps for Co-operative Members, Collection App for Co-operative Agents, Islamic Banking and Mobile Applications. They also serve Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies, Taluk Agricultural Produce Marketing Co-operative Societies, Large Sized Adivasi Multi Purpose Society, Financial firms, Islamic Co-operative societies, Cooperative unions, Souharda co-operative societies, Credit Co-operative Societies and more.
According to Lokesh Naikap, “We have successfully carried out 2000+ installations of our softwares with more than 5000 users till date. Our software has been used to replace other 'vendor softwares' at 200+ locations which speaks a lot about the credibility of our offerings”.

With the tagline as ‘Realizing ideas’, Automation Cloud Solutions has come a long way from its fledgling status to now having presence in 28 districts in Karnataka and one in Kerala

Among their many USPs, some of them are Solutions for any category based on their financial capacity, 21+ years of experiences in co-operative software product and services, unlimited option to create various masters and transactions, one application for various types of segments in co-operative sector, simplified and easily understandable solutions, dynamic menu generation based on role assignment, form level permission assignment for add/modify/delete/view/print actions, all types of auto calculations for dividend, deposits/investments, loan/borrowings and others, drilldown form for any reports till entry form, more than 1000 useful reports, customer/members a Accounting status in single window with Drill-down option, reports in English and regional languages, software utilities to address the operational pains of bank employees, MIS reports like Cost of fund analysis and many more.

The Road
Ahead Striving to be a pioneer in providing modern solutions, Automation Cloud Solutions is intending to launch ‘SmartFinCore’, to be developed using Blazor, a feature of ASP.NET, which will provide holistic solutions to cooperative banks offering hassle-free experiences. With their mantra, ‘Stay one step ahead’, they intend to leave credible footprints in the industry.

Various projects like Bolkir Admin: Administrative Applications, Recovery Applications, Bolkir Desk : Help desk, Bolkir Milk: Milk society Solutions, Bolkir Mandi : Mandi Transaction Applications, Bolkir Temple : Temple Applications and Bolkir Edu : Education Applications are also under implementation stage.

Other than software Solutions, the Company is providing various services to its customers such as Legal Guidance, Bylaw creations, Co-operative Guidance GST/TAX Consultations, Web Design Domain, mail registrations and hardware services so that customers get all solutions under one roof.