AxmiYaN HR: Empowering Individuals Right from their Comfort Zones

Abranshu Das Gupta,FounderIf some one asked you to describe the best working place, most of you would scream ‘home’. Truly nothing can correlate to happiness more than the freedom of working from your comfort zone in your comfy clothes, while avoiding external stresses like traffic. You don’t have to count the days until it is finally the weekend, so you can hastily do the tiny chores at home or spend some quality time with family amidst the gruelling schedule!If there is any thing that can trump this definitive peace is the opportunity to work from home in your home town. You don’t have to waitfor a long weekend or create one) to visit your native. Never the less, this convenience shouldn’t come at the price of your personal or professional growth. Fortunately for the ambitious HR professionals of Jabalpur, AxmiYaN HR, a professionally managed HR services company, provides such an unparalleled benefit to its employees, while bestowing them with the opportunity to hone & tone them selves by working with leading organizations with global employee strength of 100 to 300000.

“They can either come to office and take advantage of our resources or work from their homes and make use of their networking skills. It is none of our business how they work, until they fulfil their requirement (three closures per day in most cases),” avows Abhranshu, Founder, AxmiYaN HR. Being one of the most structured recruitment company in Jabalpur, there isn’t much competition for AxmiYaN.“Based on significant recruitment experience within these industries,we guarantee a high quality, responsive,flexible service with high calibre personnel sourced for their experience, skills and personal qualities,”says
Abhranshu. Also the company has not faced any attrition so far, since it goes above and beyond to keep its employees contended.

As AxmiYan has been working in individual empowerment mode, it is not tied to any particular culture

As AxmiYan has been working in individual empowerment mode, it is not tied to any particular culture.“It all depends upon the working style of individual recruiters. Employees receive target-based incentives which vary on a case-to-case basis and the growth of high performers gets fast-tracked,” adjoins Abhranshu. AxmiYaN puts its recruiters through various training programs including a training program conducted by Carlton Advanced Management Institute from Bangalore.It also motivates its recruiters to accomplish certification courses.“While encouraging individual enablement, AxmiYaN also creates incredible bonds among employees by organizing excursions, get togethers at office and celebrating festivals like Dussehra and Diwali,where families are also welcome to join. Last year, we went to an excursion to celebrate New Year,” says a Senior Recruiter, AxmiYaN HR.

Being a company renowned for honesty & integrity that thrives on long-term relationships, AxmiYaN takes prides in the fact that most of its clients have been with the company for over four and half years. Needless to say, the company seeks candidates who are smart workers, display energy & enthusiasm, has a knack for solving complex problems & team building experience and most importantly, stable. Hence, AxmiYaN targets people with 5-10 years of industry experience, who wish to return to their hometown, since they will have strong skills and will not jump to another organization in six months. In fact, Abhranshu along with his team lays immense emphasis on determining the candidate’s stability with a deep discussion after three rounds of interview, based on which the candidates graduate into employees.
Impressive Growth

Though being in HR domain was Abhranshu’s dream, this young man with distinctive academic accomplishments had his goals set far!In 2012, he decided to embark on a path others fear to tread – establishing a company which would remotely manage clients across India from his hometown Jabalpur. Bringing aboard exceptional veterans, who are strong in executive hiring and has strong networking skills has not only brought AxmiYaN myriad of top-notch clients but also plentiful awards from those clients for providing hard to find candidates, not to mention the fact that the company has grown nine fold in the span of four years.

Hot on the heels of its rapid growth, AxmiYaN intends to launch two offices; one in Pune and another in Bangalore or Gurgaon in a few months. This expansion might break its precedent and bring aboard freshers, who would be trained thoroughly by its experienced professionals. By this time, AxmiYaN will also introduce a centralized HR team, more employee-friendly HR policies and fruitful perks.

Key Management:

Abhranshu, Founder & Prime Mover

This merit holding, institute topping, CRA-Certified Recruitment Analyst with a long list of academic accomplishments has garnered seventeen years of experience, as he climbed up the corporate ladder rapidly by playing diverse HR roles in various organizations nationwide – the latest being the Head of Recruitment in India for an established Global Executive/Retained Search firm with more than 150+ offices in 45 countries.

Office: Jabalpur (Headquarter)
Clients: WNS Global Services, Teleperformance, GENPACT, Aegis Ltd, Kurl-on Enterprise, LOYA PEB, Narayana Hrudalaya Ltd, In amdar Multispecialty Hospital, Medanta- Medicity, Savaari Car Rentals, Porterto name a few.