Banthia & Co. Advocates: Committed towards Providing Value-Added Legal Services with In-Depth Commercial Understanding

Neelesh Banthia,Managing Partner
Neelesh Banthia, Managing Partner

Supported by manygovernment initiatives like ‘Make in India’and‘Startup India’, the state of business sector in India is undergoing a significant progression stage right now. In the context of surging opportunities in business field, managing various legal and regulatory compliances with regard to the respective industry segment has become a strain inducing process. From Property Management and drafting of contracts to Intellectual Property rights, there are a plethora of legal aspects that business tycoons need to daily deal with. Therefore, an efficient cum progressive legal counsel is a must-have for contemporary businesses, especially in circumstances where they have to face litigation and arbitration. Assisting clients from different verticals to make commercially savvy decisions, Banthia & Co. Advocates is the right legal partner for today’s businesses in terms of its matchless market reputation that is a sum of 65-year old industry experience,responsive services and a deep understanding of elements that drive the cost base and influence the profit line of business.

Banthia and Co.Advocates is one of the India’s oldest and leading law firms established in 1953 by forefathers of the present managing partners of the firm B.S.Banthia and Neelesh Banthia from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh with the vision of bringing together committed and specialised advocates under a roof to provide best possible legal services to the clients from various sectors in India. Committed to provide prompt legal services to clients wherever and whenever needed, the legacy of Banthia and Co. Advocates has been well maintained by Neelesh
Banthia though She’s exploring emerging fields in legal consultancy.“The international boundaries have become faint and there is whole new world opened for advocates to practice alternate dispute resolution in different jurisdiction across the globe. Cashing in on this opportunity, Banthia and Co. Advocates serves as a dedicated legal consultancy firm with a wide network and easier accessibility to professional support round the clock and has advised a variety of companies as well as private individuals settled in India and abroad in establishing contacts with property matters, acquisitions, mergers and cross border investments. Due to our presence nearly in all the states of India, expertise in local laws has become our core strength, thus ensuring the maximum competency in legal solutions, ”specifies Neelesh Banthia, Managing Partner, Banthia and Co. Advocates.

"Banthia and Co. Advocates ensures that all the information about the client is kept strictly confidential and their reputation is not taken at stake at any level during and after the course of Consultancy"

Started with three offices and workforce of 10 advocates, currently Banthia and Co. Advocates has a full-fledged team of 400 advocates and 23 offices across the world. Equipped with the state-of-the-art communication facilities, the firm pinpoints proficiency in local laws as its forte. Their areas of expertise range from Arbitration and Conciliation, Banking Laws and Regulations, Human Rights Law and Contract Law to Land Revenue Code, Family Settlement matters and Intellectual Property Law.

Ensuring maximum competency along with benefit to have an easy access to local resources for in-depth research and investigations, the company pledges to deliver various inputs and valuable insights for the development of economic and commercial condition of the country. “We make sure that our client’s needs are fulfilled not only at present but in future as well, for that we provide
our client numerous rigorous sessions with our professionals so that they can understand the possible legal consequences of their problems and can choose best options to satisfy their requirements. At Banthia and Co. Advocates, we ensure that all the information about the client is kept strictly confidential and their reputation is not taken at stake at any level during and after the course of consultancy. Our firm believes in commitment, honesty, obedience, and ability to deliver the work in the least possible time,”explains Neelesh, who is also a member of International Council of Jurists.

Till date, the firm has served many biggest organizations in the world, including Clinton Foundation and World Bank with regard to the settlement of their matters and counseling them on investments worldwide. Nationally, Banthia and Co. Advocates deals with all areas of banking laws and serves several topmost banks in the country including ICICI and HDFC. Also, the firm is specialized in property law and real estate matters across the country and majorly serves Archdioceses /Dioceses and Religious Congregations of Roman Catholic Church for the same.

Being the first law firm in India to establish a tie-up office in Turkey, this quality driven consultancy firm has already created a benchmark of opening seven international offices and serving around 20 Archdiocese/Diocese and 80 Religious Congregations worldwide. Adding more feathers on their hat, Banthia and Co. Advocates are proud to be recognized as the TOP 10 PROMISING LEGAL CONSULTANTS IN INDIA by Consultants Review Magazine, September 2017 and THE 10 BEST CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL FIRMS IN 2017 by Insight Success Magazine, December 2017. Presently, the company is focusing on opening more international offices like in Mexico, Australia and France along with new parallel ventures in the field of Legal Compliance,while continuing their professional legacy forward.