Beldara: Global B2B Marketplace Enabling Businesses To Sell Internationally

Pradeep Khandekar,FounderBusiness-to-business buying and selling is being disrupted the same way consumer models have fundamentally changed over the past decade due to digital transformation. New mobile apps, rich-media product experiences, and even kiosks are energizing direct-to-consumer models and causing waves up and down the value chain - yet perhaps the biggest disruptor is the rise of B2B marketplaces as the new center of commerce. Relentless technological innovation has driven digital transformation in marketing, with B2B at the forefront of this lucrative industry. Seizing the growing opportunity Mumbai -based Beldara has emerged as the most effective and results-oriented platforms for buyers, retailers, and wholesalers to trade.

Run by PMK ecommerce Pvt. Ltd., Beldara enables businesses to sell internationally by enhancing their marketing efforts, sales processes and improving efficiencies. It offers top of the line technology infrastructure to help businesses reach new levels of success along with providing innovative marketing tools that help them to reach out to the right customers at the right time and place. "We are not just a marketplace; we go beyond connecting sellers and buyers. We provide end to end business solutions to buyers and sellers ­ right from getting product demand to payment/transaction security, logistic solution, export documentation and many more. We have approximately 22K+ sellers, with more than 30+ categories," says Pradeep Khandekar, Founder, Beldara.

As a global B2B marketplace, Beldara aims to connect buyers and suppliers from different nations or even continents to ensure that
they kick off import and export according to their needs. The essence of the business is to help consumers, brands, retailers, merchants, other businesses, strategic alliance partners and third-party service providers to reach new levels of success. "With a team of 100+ employees and offices in The U.S. and UAE, we are constantly on the go to enhance our customer experience. In fact, our tech team is working on a few blockchains and AI tools to help increase the level of services," he mentions.

Standing Out In The Crowd
What makes Beldara unique is its commitment towards Indian manufacture. Beldara craves to provide modern & enhance technology to local/mid/small manufactures to expand their international horizon. Currently Beldara is working on Beta Version on Supply Chain Management integrated with AI-based Blockchain technology.

The platform provides end to end sourcing to the global community and offers to domestic sellers seamless transact and sell of their products globally. Beldara also offers access to the latest technology tools that help businesses to connect with thousands of customers and go beyond the geographical boundaries.

During covid lockdown, Beldara started an office in a green zone area in rural Maharashtra so that people can utilize their skills, abilities, capabilities, expertise and knowledge to the best of their potential.

Currently Beldara is working on beta version on supply chain management integrated with AI-based blockchain technology

The Road Ahead
Beldara presently is working on a few business strategies and Joint ventures to boost Indian exports in a few special product categories. It is taking a few special initiatives to boost Indian agro- exports emphasis on fruits and vegetables. "Our road map is to focus on diversifying our export markets by presence in EU and South Asian countries. By the second half of FY 2020-21, we are planning to open a few international offices in the South Asia and North and East Africa region to expand our presence. In terms of services, we are in talks with few 3PL and 4PL services providers to increase the level of our Mid and last mile delivery services," he concludes.

Pradeep Khandekar, Founder
The master of dynamic personality, highly qualified, and highly energetic leader, Pradeep was previously engaged in various sectors such as IT, e-Commerce and construction across India & overseas. His clear vision of making the company one of the largest Indian companies in the world by 2022 is what keeps him driving hard.
Office: Mumbai
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