Mobily Infotech India: A Leading Organization Partaking In Employee Success & Career Progression

Mohamed Hatem,  CEOThe global business support systems and operations support systems industry, valued at $5.14 billion in 2022 is expected to reach a value of $19.72 billion by 2032 with the evolution of the telecommunications sector. Through business and capex optimization, telecom companies can gain a competitive advantage through these solutions, which further help in enhancing the business’ operational efficiency. Through technology integrations and advancements, the industry is marking exceptional growth, leading to its popularity among businesses worldwide.

Within this sector, the Bengaluru-based Mobily Infotech India (MIT), the IT vertical of Mobily KSA, a multibillion dollar company, stands out as a prominent entity specializing in B2B and B2C telecom solutions provider. The company not only shines as a beacon of outstanding client service, but also as one of the top places to work at, given its employee-centric policies and numerous employee development initiatives. A holistic organization across operations, MIT is dedicated to tapping the right talent to drive digital transformation.

MIT’s Vision & Mission

Founded with the aim to revolutionize the IT business landscape through one-stop solutions, MIT started its operation in 2007 with a dedicated team capable of catering to the growing demand for IT services.

“Our vision at Mobily Infotech India is, ‘To create business value through innovative solutions as a trusted partner’. We are dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and our expertise to deliver solutions that drive tangible business outcomes for our clients. We are committed to driving major transformations for our customers across different domains, leveraging technologies to unlock new opportunities and drive business growth. Our values guide our interactions with clients, ensuring that we approach every project with openness, courage, clarity, and care”, shares Eng. Mohamed Hatem.

Starting with application development and administration, the organization rapidly expanded its offerings to encompass critical business operations support, infrastructure maintenance, and network security services. As the organization grew, it continued to expand its services aligned with the evolving market needs. In 2010, MIT established a call center, subsequently leading to the formation of specialized teams like PMO, HLD, RPA, AI/ML, QA, L3, Application Development, and Business Operations.

MIT’s close partnership with the Saudi-based telecom company Etisalat played a pivotal role in encouraging the company’s growth. MIT’s ability to access Bengaluru’s vast and diverse talent pool enabled it to further excel in its services within the IT telecom sector. Today, the organization holds a prominent position in the IT domain, responsible for handling a considerable portion of development, quality assurance, and operational support for Mobily IT.

Throughout its journey, MIT has been guided by its core values leaning on Agility, Courage, Clarity, and Care. These values, embedded in the organization’s ethos, impacts every business aspect, driving the team to prioritize staying up-to-date with innovations and industry trends, and quality assurance across all its services, ensuring client satisfaction as well as success.

Spectrum of Solutions

MIT’s gamut of offerings ranges across diverse domains, with each of its solutions customized as per the clients’ unique needs for their business transformation journey.
Application development, mobile solutions, application management, business analytics, testing, e-commerce, cloud solutions, managed IT services, managed SaaS, DevOps, digital transformation, data management, cybersecurity, cloud transformation, managed support services, and managed network and infrastructure solutions, are the core domains that MIT handles. The organization offers complete end-to-end solutions for even the most complex telecom projects, right from conceptualization to implementation.

"Our core services enable our teams to support our clients’ business transformation efforts across various industries. Our ability to deliver rapid results enables our clients to seize opportunities, respond to market changes, and stay ahead of the competition. By partnering with us, clients can accelerate their digital transformation journey and achieve their business objectives with speed, efficiency, and confidence”, further shares Eng. Mohamed Hatem.

In this highly competitive business landscape, MIT sets itself apart by offering affordable and cost-efficient services, without hampering the quality of its solutions. The inclusion of specialized teams that offers expertise and deep-rooted knowledge, follows standardized processes, effective delivery models, and adheres to established project management practices with a solution-oriented approach which also makes room for flexibility in resource management, and adds to the company’s outstanding features.

Mit’s Ability To Deliver Rapid Results Enables Its Clients To Seize Opportunities, Respond To Market Changes, & Stay Ahead Of The Competition

A Great Place to Work

Awarded with this recognition for four consecutive years, MIT recognizes the critical role that its people play in driving success as the organization’s backbone. In light of this recognition and for fulfilling its consistent commitment of fostering a work culture that is beneficial to the employees, the organization undertakes several initiatives and runs multiple programs.

“Our people drive our initiatives, spearhead cultural transformations, and embody our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our organization recognizes the pivotal role that our employees play in fostering cultural transformation, embracing flexibility, and contributing to our commitment to being a GPTW and we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and multi-skilled team”, further adds Eng. Mohamed Hatem.

Dedicated to empowering its employees who are the source of fresh perspectives, skills, and talents for the organization, driving innovation and growth, MIT fosters an organization, where ideas are welcomed, innovation is not only embraced but celebrated, and continuous improvement is encouraged. MIT takes pride in the fact that employees drive the organization’s cultural transformation initiatives, ensuring it retains a forward-thinking approach.

Benefits like a hybrid work model, diversity, inclusion, and making the workplace women-friendly, where each member feels valued are imbibed in the organization’s DNA. Furthermore, MIT promotes employee learning and development by offering leadership development programs, management development programs, and certifications to enable skill development. The organization also offers employee career planning services, providing employees with all the resources and support required for achieving their personal career goals.

Moreover, the company also fosters collaboration and team building through engagement activities which include team-building events, sports activities, social gatherings, wellness programs, and cultural celebrations. Lastly, rewards and recognitions including monetary incentives help encourage greater employee performance. In addition to these initiatives, MIT also offers benefits like interest free loans to employees, healthcare coverage and wellness programs ensuring a transparent and fair workplace.

Furthermore, the organization has actively participated in food donation initiatives, providing essential nourishment to communities grappling with food insecurity. Alongside these efforts, the company has also contributed two dialysis machines and an ambulance to hospitals in need.

Future Roadmap

“Our journey has been fueled by a passion for innovation, a commitment to excellence, and a relentless drive to exceed client expectations. As we continue to evolve and expand our offerings, we remain dedicated to delivering transformative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age”, lastly adds Eng. Mohamed Hatem.

As MIT designs its future roadmap, it aspires to fulfill the KSA Vision 2030 by forming partner ecosystem in India, leveraging India’s advantageous startup ecosystem. The organization has plans to build new teams for staying abreast with trends like AI/ML, RPA, and IoT, and building end-to-end solution stacks.

MIT aims to triple its revenue by 2026, strengthen its workforce, and become the partner for Mobily SI, through its holistic plans for growth. MIT is poised to achieve these, and many more feats in the coming years.