Binmile Technologies: Broad Spectrum Of Custom Software Development & Product Engineering Services

Avanish Kamboj , Founder & CEO

Avanish Kamboj

Founder & CEO

Adopting new technology is always a priority for entrepreneurs who wish to gain a competitive edge in the market. The need is for innovative solutions that are scalable and secure while continuing to serve the needs of businesses effectively. However, to build such solutions, companies need to hire digital product engineering companies with a proven track record of solving complex business and technology challenges and delivering simple and easy-to-use software solutions. One such company is binmile technologies, offering custom software development and quality engineering services to businesses across industry verticals.

Binmile technologies is a global leader in next-gen digital engineering and it consulting services helping companies to solve complex business problems & technology challenges while constantly driving innovation in their solutions. “collectively, our team runs behind in timely product deliveries. If we give our word, we never go back and we never miss a timeline. In a world of 0s and 1s, we are completing milestone after milestone, and thereby standing by our name binary milestones aka binmile technologies", says avanish kamboj, founder, and ceo, binmile technologies.

The company believes in building relationships and not just mere software. Following a customer-centric approach to keep superior client experience a priority, their digital- first solutions stand on the pillars of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Binmile ensures a shorter response time to reduce the turnaround and improve overall customer satisfaction while following an agile development approach ensuring transparency throughout the association.

Aided by a team of exceptional developers and designers, they have streamlined their processes to perfection. Their processes are both time and cost efficient hence providing satisfactory and high-quality it solutions. Binmile's expertise lies in serving the banking, finance, e-commerce, and retail industry. So far, the company has served some of the leading financial institutions, retail chains, and e-commerce businesses helping them improve their process efficiencies and enhance portal accessibilities.
Binmile’s learned team of experts utilizes the latest technologies to cater to the specific requirements of their clients across the globe.
Their developers have expertise in the most recent frameworks and languages helping them deliver modern solutions that are stable and compete with prevailing products in the market. Binmile people hold technical expertise in mobility, frontend, back end, cloud, devops, and servicenow capabilities delivering exceptional solutions to their clients across industry verticals. From popular development frameworks including react native, flutter, and xamarin to a deep knowledge of open-source technologies, binmile follows an agile approach towards development with a vigilant eye on security ensuring stable software deployment to the end-consumer

Services Offered
Binmile has been a trusted technology partner to businesses for their digital product engineering, software product engineering, application development, product development (saas), iot (internet of things), software testing, and quality assurance services. Software product engineering services from binmile help companies flourish by fostering innovation, speeding up product development, and assisting businesses in entering new markets while lowering costs.

”Binmile uses a distinctive act - 'agile, comprehensive & time-tested' strategy to help companies, isvs, & product startups become more responsive to market mapping"

They use a distinctive act - 'agile, comprehensive and time-tested' strategy to help companies, isvs, and product start-ups become more responsive to market mapping. Alongside they also provide servicenow implementation services as a specialist partner helping businesses transform their it and enterprise operations. Servicenow has been at the forefront of platform-as-a-service (paas) solutions for the past few years. With effective servicenow implementation, organizations can redefine, restructure, and automate their workflows, eliminating unnecessary emails and spreadsheets from the process to streamline service delivery and improve process efficiency. Binmile helps replace manual transactions with a customized 'lightspeed' service experience designed for everyone in the enterprise.

While continuing to provide a wide range of digital solutions to their customers, binmile has evolved into a one-stop solution for all major development and qa requirements for businesses across all industry verticals. Businesses with legacy systems reach out for seamless platform and code migrations, adoptions, and upgrades. Along with successful process implementation-related consultancies, they offer scalability solutions for prevailing systems. Small businesses, start-ups, and established companies reach out to quickly produce an mvp that can be used to test the market for a new product or to validate business hypotheses for custom software.

If we give our word, we never go back & we never miss a timeline. In a world of 0s & 1s, we are completing milestone after milestone, & thereby standing by our name binary milestones aka binmile technologies

Today, binmile technologies is expanding to some of the niche areas and hold a significant position in the market to provide seamless software services to all sectors. With offices in the us, the uk, india, and indonesia, binmile is constantly expanding to different geographical locations while continuing to deliver to its growing clientele across the globe. The roadmap for the upcoming years envisioned by avanish kamboj is inculcating innovation in the systems and processes today.